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revamped letter to practice manager .opinions please

Thank you fro all your advice


During my visits to Dr ------,I have expressed concerns that my symptoms are typical of those of ovarian cancer ,I have spoken to Dr -----about some of the issues I have,but it still leaves weight loss/gain issues and symptoms of thyroidism not being acknowledged,

I have copies of some of my blood results and see they are within range but it is still a concern that symptoms are not being taken into consideration alongside blood tests.My CA125 results although only slightly elevated are above range and because any weight gain is all abdominal-having lost weight in other areas,

this leads to concerns that it is ovarian cancer.


Research shows that ovarian cancer is often undiagnosed and lies undetected for a long time as symptoms mimic other conditions and is often mistaken for a bowel condition and that it is known as "a silent killer".

I would like to be referred for investigative scans for thyroid symptoms and symptoms of ovarian cancer and for referral to appropriate consultants.

I look forward to hearing from you

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Good letter - straight and to the point. I would also p.p. this to the doctor concerned so that it does not look like you have gone behind his back.

Moggie x


I agree, good letter. Straight to the point, what you say is quite true and you have been polite. I agree with Moggie, copy it to the doctor you saw as well.


Great letter! Hope it brings good results for you. Keep us posted.


hello there both of you.thank you fro your response and advice and to lucy and everyone else who helped me draft this letter,i will send it by email to the surgery and they can forward it to my GP and the practice manager. reading it now I htink i should change the sentence" of symptoms not being acknowledged " to "unresolved ".is that the right word?can lucy and the others let me know their opinion


I definately would not email it. Emails are often ignored or not taken seriously enough. There is nothing like a good old fashioned hand written letter to make people sit up and take notice. I would either drop both copies of the letter into the surgery (addressing one to the practise manager and one to GP) with both envelopes marked "by hand" or send both letter by post addressed to the appropriate person. Dont leave this down to an office admin to deal with, this letter contains private info and is only for the GP or practise managers eyes.

Moggie x

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Great letter - I'd put "unresolved" as it sounds like the symptoms are acknowledged but misattributed.

Also you put "thyroidism" - do you mean "hypothyroidism" or "hyperthyroidism"?

Good luck - keep us posted.


hi I do not know as tho having symptoms fro a year has never made a diagnosis.will google them.


I agree with Moggie, don't send it by email. Either post it or deliver it by hand, you could always do what I do when I want people to know that I mean business and send it guaranteed delivery - that way someone has to sign for it, and unresolved sounds better. Good luck and keep us posted :-)


Def do by hard copy. Do not expect much, the practice manager is employed by the doctors and has no power to facilitate referrals. I just sent one of many stinkers to my gp. I dont even write Dr on the envelope, just the surname as i cannot resist showing my utter contempt. You know if it was a member of their family they'd do referrals sharpish


Hi I have just printed out the letter to the practice manager and thought i should change the wording to the one i'm sending to my dr so it is more appropriate to him?

I know she has no power to referrals .i have always thought the practice manager to be "in charge" of the doctors !!shows how ingnorant i am


Why not cc the CCG as well.


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