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Dr Peatfield or a similar recommended Dr in the South of England

Hi all

I am here having to finally admit defeat - I am no longer in control of my body and the more 'conventional' methods are not having any effects.

Weight Gain (particularly around my middle)

Hair Loss

Poor skin

etc etc. What I have been focusing on over the past few years is the weight gain and I have tried calroie controlled diets, bootcamp and associated food programme. Most recently I dealt with a dietician who recommended the 5:2 for me which disappointed me because I expected something more tailor made.

Now, my understanding of individuals like Dr Peatfield is that when you have blood tests from your GP, the GP expects them to be between certain parameters. If they are within this criteria, whether high end or low and, a GP will say that you are 'normal'. Now individuals like Dr Peatfield regardless of what your 'readings' are, they look at the whole picture and prescribe accordingly. They dont rely on these parameters as they understand that what is right for one individual may not be 'right' for others. I understand that he can only prescribe supplements - is this correct?

What happens at an appointment? Can someone inbox contac details for Dr Peatfield please?

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Dr P does not prescribe, he can only advise or recommend. He is very knowledge and indeed looks at the whole picture.


Thanks Cinnamon - I need a fresh eye. conventional ways of addressing these issues have not worked over the last 3 years. When a patient first approaches him, i.e. rings up the clinic, what happens then? What is the average appointment wait?


Dr P has recently been ill so suspect that there is probably a long waiting time. Hopefully someone will be able to answer this for you.

You can e-mail Louise for a list of Endos/private consultants.

Many of us have been thoroughly let down by useless GPs who're only interested in prescribing AD's.

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Sorry - I do not know who Louise is. Also, I would much much prefer someone who has been recommended in the way that Dr Peatfiled has. This is my last chance having wasted hundreds of pounds over the last 3 years. I must say, this post has left me despondent and in despair even more than before.


email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org - PA to Lyn Mynott of Thyroiduk.org.


I recognise this name now that I see it. Thanks Shaws - I will ask.


Louise is Charity Secretary of ThyroidUK. Just send her a PM by going to the R of your screen where it says 'Everyone Read This', click on the pic and you will see 'send a message' so press that button.

Please don't be in despair, there's plenty of knowledgeable people on here who will happily answer questions. Why not give Dr Peatfield's office a call?

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Will do Cinnamon - thank you


I would suggest you get copies of what blood tests have been done by your GP and post them here so we can help you for starters


Yes - will do. I intend to call them tomorrow. Should I expect a charge?


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