Where are Dr Peatfield's clinics

I think my only solution is to go and see Dr Peatfield now. My GP says she doesn't know enough and mentioned that she had another patient who sees Dr peatfield and he tells her what to prescribe.

My latest blood tests are not good and I feel that I am floundering. She has prescribed me Armour but is now panicking as she says she has no experience of it.

I am in Gloucestershire and would like to know where his nearest clinic is.

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  • well the one i go to is in Crawley in Surrey. I believe he does one closer to you though.....

  • Hi is there a clinic near Cambridge ?

  • annie1954, I don't think so. I found his leaflet, which says Crawley, Stockport and Ickornshaw. However, he has been unwell off and on for quite a while now, so I wouldn't be surprised if he only does the Crawley clinic now. Contact details are on the leaflet tpauk.com/docs/peatfield_cl...

  • Thank you I will maybe try in the new year, I don't mind travelling,

  • Someone might PM you with the info you need, but if not, you can ask for the doctors list from Thyroid UK. Dr Ps details will be on there.



  • It is encouraging that your GP thought of prescribing Armour, so she may well do so if a private doctor advises it for you. Dr Peatfield cannot prescribe medication.

  • what is Armour

  • Armour is the original Natural Dessicated Thyroid thyroid hormones which are made from pigs or cows thyroid glands. although there are a few now. They contain all the hormones our thyroid gland had, i.e. T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin.


  • Thank you I have never heard of Armour, and my GP has never mentioned it. May be it's to expensive for the surgery's budget ?

  • Doctor's don't prescribe Armour or other NDTs due to the guidelines laid down by the BTA.

    Before 1892 we just died a horrible death until doctors

    experimented with the thyroid gland of animals and found it cured his patients. From thereon we were given Nature Dessicated Thyroid Hormones up to the 60's. There was also no need for blood tests and we were given a prescription due to our symptoms alone and thankfully they are still available even though Big Pharma and the Associations have made False Statements about it.


    It is a 'grandfathered' medication due to its long use and making people well. Even these days too:-


    In a letter in June 1891 [62], Horsley informed George Redmayne Murray (1865–1939) about the progress made in various European countries as to finding treatment for hypothyroidism. Murray at that time was a pathologist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Newcastle. A few months later, Murray published the first account of a human patient with hypothyroidism given substitution with thyroid extract (injected subcutaneously) [63]. Clinically, the effect was beyond doubt. The patient lived almost 30 years on thyroid substitution—eventually to die of cardiac failure in 1919 [64].

    Within months, it was discovered that oral administration of thyroid extract was effective [65–67]. Fenwick [68] noted a marked increase in diuresis after commencement of thyroid substitution therapy.

    It is evident that Murray’s achievement was not a sudden lightning of an ingenious mind but rested on studies by a number of investigators suggesting that the thyroid contained a substance of benefit in myxedema. In particular, the contributions by Schiff and Eiselberg were fundamental—as were of cause the experiments by Murray’s mentor, Horsley.


  • Hi I see Dr P in Malvern Worcestershire x x

  • Me too :)

  • Hi How a amazing that you have such a wonderful GP! The other option would be to see an Endocrinologist but that would require plenty of research. If GP happy to prescribe on Dr. P`s recommendation she is very enlightened and sounds the best of both worlds.

    Best wishes,


  • Maybe GP might be hypo or knows someone who is.

  • mouse, please tell your GP to look at the history of Armour Thyroid use. It goes back 100 years and saved many lives. I've never read of any deaths pertaining to Armour but I believe many people have died from NOT taking it.

  • Hi there - i would really like to see Dr Peatfield too - but i cant find any information on where his clinics are or how to contact him. This information isnt on the Thyroid UK website. Did you manage to get the info you need and can you let me know? I live in London but dont mind travelling if i have to. Thanks.

  • Replied on your other post

  • thanks!

  • I would like to see him too - does anyone have any info on him?

  • Hi Addi - i've sent you a message

  • hi can you let me know how to get in touch with Dr Peatfield please

  • Hi is Dr Peatfield still working and does any one know if he has clinics in Birmingham please??

    Thank you

  • Poonam1,

    You probably won't get many replies on a 3 year old thread. It would be better to post your question in a new thyread by clicking on Write a Post.

    Dr. P is still working but I don't know whether he has a Birmingham clinic.

  • Thank you.

  • Dr Peatfield is still holding clinics but only in Crawley. But he is well worth a visit, worth every penny! Saw him 7 years ago - having struggled for most of my life now 55. Did what most GP's failed to do - he treats cause not symptoms. I'm taking my 22yr old son to see him tomorrow... as gp progress nil!

    Try ringing the Office number 01883623125 -Tue to Thurs.

  • Thank you

  • I went too see him 18 years ago at last I met someone who understood my problem he is well worth a visit

  • Hi All I am trying to help a friend and think she may be well served to see Dr Peatfield I wonder how do I find out where his clinics are near Surrey/London please? x

  • He has one in Crawley (Sussex). This is the one I went to.

  • Thank you so much :) x

  • Does he have any clinics up North?

  • I believe he has a clinic in Manchester!

  • Yes, Manchester every 2-3 months and Ickornshaw, Yorkshire, every 6 months or so.....the main clinic is in Crawley, Surrey. I saw him two months ago and what a relief to have someone understand my symptoms. I reacted badly to the Thyroxine prescribed by my GP, and Raw thyroid initially gave only temporary relief. I'm currently feeling much, much better having addressed fatigued Adrenals before dealing with the Thyroid symptoms!!

  • Hi, can I have Dr P's details for his Crawley clinic please.

  • What is the address in Crawley and why is it a big secret my friend is wandering around Crawley looking for the address. If you have been to the clinic please share the address. Or is this a con as I am beginning to believe.?

  • Goosefeather4,

    How is it a con because your friend can't find an address? You would do better to ask for the address and phone number by writing your own post instead of jumping on to a 4 year old thread.

  • I'm looking at contacting Dr Peatfield about an appointment - does he still write to your GP with details on what to prescribe (if relevant)? Thank you.

  • Does anyone know the address for the Malvern clinic? I'm en route and can't find the address anywhere for de peatfield x

  • I have looked online for the address but can't find it. Do you his secretaries phone number with you?

  • Dr Peatfield has written an amazing book Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy.   He explains everything very well and makes it easy to understand including Natural Desicated Thyroid, well worth getting, I am reading it all the time and it's helped me enormously.

  • Details od Dr Peatfields clinics are online including telephone numbers.

  • Hi could you give me the right tel no to the clinic in crawley please? I've been trying to call on 01883623125 for a week, left msgs but no answer...


  • He is online and easy to find. You will get an apointment within a few weeks. He doesnt need doctor contact.

  • He will prescribe nutri adrenal and nutri thyroid, as he always does.

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