Finding a Naturopath in the Shropshire Area

Hi all I wonder whether anyone has seen a naturopath that they would recommend in the Shropshire area? I am now at my wits end having been diagnosed with an under active thyroid 14 years ago, never feeling well. Later being told that i have an autoimmune condition, weight gain (mega)! etc etc... GP who seems to be like a stuck record, my family health history is too serious for me to just wait for the genetic health conditions to take over, feeling very desperate now! Any advice would be appreciated.


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Or anywhere in the West Midlands please?

Are you on thyroxine and, if so, are you on a sufficient dose? Have you tried cutting out gluten in your diet?


Thankyou Karen, there are so many issues and food intolerances that I would like a qualified naturopath/nutritionist to support me to sort it out. I was seeing one, but she left me for too long advising me to eat lots of wheat in order to test wheat intolerance, I know that there is an issue there as excessive wheat makes me develop a rash. In fact I'm going to re-start this post and re-title it, I should have said nutritionist instead of naturopath. Thankyou for taking the time to reply.

I would never eat more wheat just to get a positive coeliac test; just cut it out especially if you get a rash when eating wheat. You are doing yourself more harm. There are so many products in the supermarket now which are gluten-free.

Are you on thyroxine?


Yes 100 mcg

Is that enough? Do you get your test results?

Yes, GP says I'm optimised!!!! :(

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