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Changing from Levo to NDT - should I do it yet?


I haven't posted for a while - but hoping someone can help me make a decision on which way to approach my Hypo/Hashi issues.

I am currently on 50mcg (I know, small dose) of Levo. Not sure that I get on with it as I have terrible bouts of brain fog - to the point where I think I have early onset dementia. It's pretty scary.

My energy levels have improved a little during the day, but I haven't any physical strength, bones ache etc. At night time, I am seriously struggling to stay awake beyond 9pm.

So - I went to see the lovely Dr Peatfield last week. He had a look at some test results that I had for my cortisol checks in September. My adrenals are working overtime - at all 4 points of the Saliva test, I was significantly over the scale.

To address this (at the time) I started drinking Holy Basil Tea - but Dr Peatfield thought it unlikely that my adrenals would have recovered much since September and felt I should start on Adrenal Support ((Adrenavive II), to take this for a couple of weeks - followed by a reduction in my Levo to 25mg and start on NDT - low dose.

The objective is to phase out Levo and stay on NDT, possibly with a T3 addition.

What's your experience of switching over? Was it pretty straightforward?

Or would you up your dose of Levo (as no doubt my GP will prescribe)? And see if this improves things?

Would really appreciate hearing your opinion?

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Have you had TSH, FT4 and FT3 tested since you've been taking 50mcg?


I have ordered the test from Geneva - will check everything before I start. Am also checking my adrenals as the last test was in September. Went to my GP to try and get some tests done - but that was a completely pointless exercise. He said that they don't use saliva testing as it wasn't reliable??! I just walk out of the GP's so deflated - haven't the energy to take on the battle (not the brainpower right now if I'm honest, in terms of coming back with the 'correct' response).

I will post back with my results once I've had it all tested and ask the question again I think.



I started by leaving off the levo for 2 weeks before starting NDT as levo can stay in the body for up to 7 weeks I have read. I would not directly swap as it is deadly unless you are already taking T3. I'm sure doctors tell you to do a direct swap so they can say they've ruled it out!


Hi there, What dose of Levo were you on when you stopped? What was the side effect of not taking Levo for two weeks? Are you much better now that you're on NDT? Sorry, lots of questions -


Cant remember what dose I was on did nothing for me anyway couldn't believe how well I felt on a low dose of NDT I built it up over a few weeks.


I don't have experience of adrenal issues, but if you believe the stop the thyroid madness information they recommend it's best to sort adrenal / vitamin and mineral issues before starting Dessicated thyroid.


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