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Has anyone used Dr Peatfield or Dr Myhill?

I am considering which doctor to use and am torn between these two. Dr Peatfield seems highly recommended. I know he is a trustee of the Thyroid UK support and is closer to me. Dr Myhill's website also looks excellent- I like her philosophy and the idea of being able to order your own blood tests but I would quite like a face to face and she is based in Wales! I don't have much money and need to spend it wisely so any information or opinions you are able to share with me would be invaluable before I take the plunge. Thanks everyone

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Well I've been/ am under both and so would suggest you see dr p. you can actually see him rather than just emails from dr myhill. Both are good but I ended up being happier seeing dr p, face to face.....



Hi ... I see Dr P .... A lovely man who will listen to you and then care for you. I did try to make an appt with Dr Myhill but she was unable to take on any more patients due to high demand! Good luck

Karen x


You can order your own blood tests idirectly ffrom the lab, without having to go via any doctor. Details are on the home page of the main web site in the left hand column.

G. X. .


Dr Peatfield if he is within travelling distance for you.


Thanks for your help to those who have answered. I didnt even see the private testing facility on the website! I am still interested in other responses particularly from people who have actually seen or been treated by Dr Myhill.


Hi Helen,

Do you have an idea of what your key problem is? If it's mainly adrenals/thyroid, then this is Dr P's speciality. If you have a wider range of problems than that eg ME/CFS or autoimmune disorders beyond Hashimoto's then Dr M has the wider coverage and she can also prescribe, whereas Dr P cannot.

I hope this helps.



Thank you Xanthe- I am right at the beginning of the journey and have been quite passive up til now. Told I was hypothyroid and needed levo- didnt question it or take any notice of my blood results. It has only been since the levo not working that I have started to question whats happenning and done loads of research this w/e. I am armed with more info now and am going to ask my GP to do a range of tests if possible. I understand that ideally I would need to know about TSH, Free T3 and T4, TPO and TgAb, Vits B12 and D, Folate, ferritin, cortisol, DHEA, iodine. Can you think of any others??

I have an appointment with a new GP on 12th- hoping she is going to be sympathetic...


I think you have the key items, but if you wanted a quick check on your adrenals you could ask your GP to take your BP sitting, then immediately afterwards on standing. If the BP should fall that's a reliable predictor of under-performing adrenals.

Many GPs won't test more than TSH and T4 for the thyroid. Look up the Broda barnes temperature test - either via TUK or on Google. This is a simple way of checking at home whether your thyroid is underactive.



Although Dr P can not prescribe, he can tell you how to get hold of any of the meds that you might need.

Yes your list of tests to ask for is comprehensive but not sure that you would need iodine? Your GP may be able to organise you a cortisol test but my understanding is that the saliva test is more useful, although not something that GPs or endos take any notice of :D xx


Ah Ok. Actually I think you are right re the iodine- I think I would have a goitre..

What is the saliva test- is that not done by GP?

BTW- I have got my head around the reverse T3 thing now!



I have sent you a PM but not sure it was much help :D

Meant to post this link for you: xx


Thank you Clare. Dr Myhill isnt taking new patients anyway but i have decided to go for email consultation with her. My recent result is TSH 0.08, T4 17.7. I feel exhausted and manic, tearful and anxious at the same time so all is not well. I think that looks like the Levo has boosted my T4 but my pituitary isnt producing enough TSH?? Anyway I have registered with a new GP who I am seeing 12th Dec so hopefully start of new chapter. Is your treatment still working? xx


Yes it is going pretty well thanks :) Just wondering if you have you had your F3 tested as well and also what the range is on your FT4? x


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