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Glandulars and practitioners

Hi all

I have a history of stress and CFS. Currently sleeping a lot with fatigue, weight gain, menstrual changes and mild depression. I've tried ringing Dr Peatfield without reply this week, but does anyone know similar practitioners who prescribe glandulars? I will need to do all the detailed tests (GP tests booked but not hopeful). Any pointers appreciated.

Thank you!

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Have you had a recent blood test for thyroid hormones and thyroid antibodies?


Hi Shaws, my GP has signed me up for thyroid blood tests but not sure how detailed they will be.


O.K. Make sure your test is at the very earliest possible. If you already have a date, cancel and make it the earliest, fasting (you can drink water) and if you were on levothyroxine you'd allow a gap of 24 hours between last dose and test and take afterwards.

This helps keep your TSH at its highest as that seems to be all that doctors take notice of.


Thanks, will do. It's strange as they specifically didn't book a fasting test. I wonder why.


Because they don't think it matters.


They've also no idea that TSH fluctuates during the day. i.e. highest early a.m. and much lower later in the day.


You don't need these glandulars prescribing. .doc P recommended to me over the phone a certain brand and told me to start on one a day and go slow. The company I bought it from said I could work my way up to 6 a day if need be .Adrenal fatigue goes hand in hand with thyroid maybe that needs looking at and adressing.I will pm you where I purchased from .


Thanks a lot Lozzer, have replied to your message.

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Hi Kate, are you in the UK? I'm not, but I have read that there is a resistance to thorough testing and some get their own tests done through Blue Horizon, etc. You certainly have symptoms of low thyroid/adrenal. This website is excellent and will answer many of your questions. These are the tests needed.



Thanks Heloise, yes I'm in the UK. Am in line for some tests from my doctor but the scope may be limited and the normal range broad. Thanks for sending the link- that's really helpful.


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