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Burning sensation in thyroid area

I have chronic (diagnosed as chronic ie no thyroid function) hypo (developed postpartum over 5 years ago) & have a burning sensation in thyroid area as I did during pregnancy at the time I think it was developing .Any advice on what this is would be gratefully received. Clearly may be nothing but is slightly concerning as well as uncomfortable. I'm on levo 50mcgs and liothyronine 10mcgs three times daily- no other problems currently ( other than usual fatigue!!) Many thanks in anticipation, appreciate your time/thoughts

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Besides just taking more medication there is another explanation. The Thyriod deals with radiation or electrosensitivity

when you are pregnant I think like your unborn child the speed of cell growth of yourself and the child increases. Making you both

more exposed to radiation. The burning sensation is radiation.

As to where it's coming from?

Be it wi-fi or another device near your home.

The government is largely to blame+ industry pretending everything is within limits and safe.

I just made a trip over to the West Midlands it's really bad over there. I get chest pain.


Hi appleaday,

I can't really help I'm afraid as I've never had a burning sensation (I am also hypo on 100micrograms of levo a day). I do sometimes get a feeling of vibration there. Usually I notice it at night.

I just thought I'd mention that chronic means long term, not total.

Have you asked your GP about it? That would be my first port of call.

Good luck x


Dear appleaday,

Maybe a side effect of your meds or an imbalance of your Ying/Yang which can be addressed with acupuncture. I have been seeing my Dr. for over 20 years for this, that or the other and referred him to many friends who he has helped for various ailments. I have a lot of faith in him and it's really important to find someone who is good and you can trust. If he can't help with an illness he will say so. There are scam artists everywhere so important to find someone who is good. Best wishes!


Thanks for your comments all. It hadn't even occurred to me that it could be radiation or addressed with acupuncture. I guess I was wondering if indeed it may be associated with my thyroid. When it occurred during pregnancy I of course didn't know that I was developing hypo and now its happening again Im wondering if its related.... I haven't mentioned it to my GP but will do next time I go (always so many things to report in such a short space of time!) Carolr - you mention increasing my medication - do you mean perhaps thats whats needed? Ruby1 - you're right re Chronic - what I really meant is that when that was diagnosed I was also told that my test scores were off the scale (i.e. +100 - which is the highest the lab scale goes up to) so my diagnosis was that I didn't have much activity there if any (if it helps Gp referred to me as having myxodemia and I was sent to endocrinologist!). I can't remember the exact words just now but hope thats a little -(?!?) clearer… Thanks again all...


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