Choking sensation

For the past couple of months I've noticed that when I lie down at night, I feel as though there is pressure on my throat. This has got gradually worse and last night was awful, so much so that I had to sit propped up with three pillows. Finally got a few hours of sleep but feel terrible and am dreading tonight. I'm hypothyroid, on 75 mcg Euthyrox, last TSH was 0.34 (range 0.27-4.2). My doctor hasn't tested T4 or T3. Never had antibodies tested because he says he has no doubt that I have antibodies as I have spondyloarthropathy, lymphocytic colitis, and various other auto immune issues. Is it likely to be my thyroid that is causing this choking feeling? Clemmie

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  • I would say yes. I have autoimmune (Hashimoto's) and have a goitre and it puts pressure on my throat when I lay on my back. You could do with an ultrasound scan on your Thyroid. Go back to GP and ask for one and yes you need your antibodies tested (TPO)

  • Hi,

    I have been experiencing choking, like I can't swallow enough to get my food down. Thankfully dailly but scared me a few times.

    Have had a barium swallow and thyroid specialist scan, report said "within normal range" which was non specific (especially as my thyroid scan was to measure the gland for any further atrophy).

    Ask for tests, just to get checked out.


  • Hi You need a thyroid ultra sound, of nothing shows then a throat scan.Meantime I would pay Blue Horizon and dIY ( not hospitals) take tSH, T4 and free T3 tests, the intermediate one. Quote TUK for £10 discount. Use the finger prick test., recognised by good docs.


  • Hi Jackie, I'm in Saudi Arabia so my health care is done through insurance. I know that if I insist, my doctor will do all the blood tests and I think if I go to see him with this choking feeling, he will probably do them without me insisting. It wasn't as bad last night but I will still talk to him about it when I see him in a few weeks time. Of course if it gets worse I will go to see him straightaway. Thanks. Clemmie

  • Hi clemmie - I also have a throat/swallow problem and have suffered for many years. It has developed into a fear of choking - some foods struggle to go down. I think a lot of the problem can be excess mucus - a common problem in hypothyroidism which is worse when you lay down. It can feel like I'm drowning at night.

  • I had a few dangerous moments of practically choking to death before I went onto Levo. Good job there were people around at the time to bang my back that is all I can say.

  • I have Hashis. When I first started Levo I had a choking sensation and my voice kept going. Ultrasound was fine. I tried selenium and Brazil nuts but nothing helped. As I got my Levo raised it slowly went only to come back just before and during my periods. Every time I took selenium tablets or Brazil nuts it returned. One day it was so bad during a shopping trip I had to stop and Google it. Turns out STTM also mentioned Hashi's patients may benefit from iodine. A quick Google said milk had traces of iodine in. I drank some milk when I got home, whole milk, and my OH heard that within minutes my voice returned and the lump in my throat disappeared.

    I have tried a Brazil nut or selenium tablet since and swelling and loss of voice.

    Brazil nut may work for you so try it but I believe the selenium/iodine balance is a very fine for Hashi's patients. I obviously get enough selenium with broccoli and stuff.

    I know it's about bringing down TPO antibodies but I guess we are all individual and not a one size fits all.

  • Have you ever thought that the swelling in your throat may be aggravated by the Brazil Nuts, some people have an allergy to nuts and this makes the throat swell. Don,t know the contents of Selenium so could not say. but nut allergy is very common.

  • Thanks for the tip. Clemmie

  • Iv had this before but not for long. I used to wake up choking. Hasn't happened in ages. I'm underactive and take 150micrograms levothyroxine a day. I was diagnosed at 14 years old. And I have always been thin....... Now 31

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