Hi I am writing in about my partner he has chronic fatigue but to me he has all the symptoms of thyroid problems he gets cold very easy he never sleeps constantly tired now he is getting very confused he is only 62 I am very worried he has no weight on him only weighs 10 stone he sent for a test for thyroid which he did himself and it tested normal I have underactive thyroid and his symptoms are so much like mine any help would be appreciated thanks.

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  • Please post his results, with the ranges as that's the only way we can assist.

    It is not unfamiliar to be told you have any other problem but a thyroid problem.

  • I don't have his results as we did them them by post and they only tell you if you have thyroid problems he had to prick his finger and they just showed he was fine

  • That isn't good enough. Ask them to send a copy or email of the results to you and the ranges must be stated.

    Normal for instance can be anything between .50 and 5.00 for TSH. Labs also differ in the machines they use and have different ranges.

  • I have read that sometimes test results can come back normal even though the person may be slightly underactive, The only thing I would say is it sounds more iveractive to me, underactive would include symptoms of weight gain. Overactive thyroid symptoms are similar, but may include sweaty palms, general feeling of weakness. I would suggest your partner sees a doctor as it could be on the day of the test his levels were ok as the body tries to adjust and your Thyroid levels fluctuate every minute of the day. I have also read that some people can have normal results on Thyroid but may have an overactive piturity gland. Either way I would go to a doctor rather that him do his own test . Hope you get it sorted.

  • I never had weight gain as a symptom, thankfully? Doctors in the UK have also been told not to diagnose until the TSH is 10 which must be the only country in the world with such a high number. :)

  • Hi I'm afraid it's the same here in Spain, the doctors don't like treating until TSH is 10!!!

  • They need their heads examiend or their own thyroid gland! :)

  • Also if your partner hasn't had the B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate by GP ask for these as we are usually deficient which can also cause similar symptoms. :)

  • Thank you all will make an appointment with doc see what they say

  • The blood test for thyroid hormones has to be the very earliest appointment and a fasting test but he can drink water.

  • its also possible given the symptoms that your partner has aluminium poisoning

    check every piece of cookware as aluminium or non stick coated or foil is lethal and can cause exactly the symptoms you describe

    this includes coffee makers,slow cookers,electric bread making machines,george firemen type grills

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