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Hi, I haven't posted or commented on here for a very long time, but wanted to share some information with you all that may have huge relevance for your thyroid/adrenal health. You may be wondering what has caused your endocrine dysfunction, and for many years (for most of her 35 years it now turns out!) we wondered the same thing about my daughter. She was pumped full of various endocrine replacements and every vitamin/mineral supplement available by several private doctors both in the UK and Europe, and was gradually going downhill. The only thing that helped her at all was T3.

Then at last, and thanks to another young woman in the same situation, we were introduced to an amazing clinic in America where my daughter was tested for countless things that no other doctor had ever checked. It turns out that no amount of endocrine replacement and/or supplements will improve your thyroid dysfunction if any underlying pathogen is not dealt with. These can include amongst other things chronic viruses, chronic Lyme disease and mycotoxins (mould biotoxins). These can produce a chronic inflammatory response in the body and give you symptoms everywhere and anywhere and attack all systems in the body including of course your endocrine system.

My daughter (along with countless other UK patients whom we have met at the clinic) is now being treated and is on a long and painful road back to health. Her many years of ill health cannot be undone in an instant as the pathogens that have been building in her body are stealthy and unpredictable and can take a very long time to track down and destroy.

As an introduction to this top this documentary on mould biotoxin illness may be of interest to some of you. It is a major culprit in my daughter's case. A huge proportion of the population like her are unable to eliminate these toxins from their bodies without medical aid, resulting in a large build up of toxins over the years causing more and more symptoms, illness and system failure.

Hopefully you will find that there are straightforward answers to your thyroid problems, but if not you might want to consider the above.

Please p.m. me if you require further info. Jane

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Thanks for posting, Janeb2. I remember some of your earlier posts. I'm glad you've found the cause of your daughter's ill health and hope she'll find significant, if not complete, recovery in time.


Hello janeb2,

Thank you for giving this very informative post.

I am great believer in finding the root cause as opposed to just adding another hormone or vitamin supplement and am in the process of having genetic testing and extensive blood tests to determine gut health.

This subject is widely ignored, not usually understood and not dealt with in the appropriate manner.

I am so pleased your daughter might have found her answer.



Flower, which genetic test are you having done? For many of the people we met at the clinic a high proportion had had the 23andme test done, and this was the first clue they'd had that there might be something more than a straightforward thyroid problem.

We are a long way behind the US and I'm sad that even when these chronic conditions are recognised here there will be no doctors able to treat them, as they require very specific and expert treatments.



I don't know what the 23andme test is janeb2.

I am having;

Methylation Polymorphism profile i.e. MHFTR Combined (A1298C + C677T) (Buccal Swab).

DetoxiGenomic Profile (Buccal Swab).

Microbial Organic Acids (urine test).

Cyrex array 4 – Gluten-Associated Cross-reactive Foods & Food Sensitivity. (Blood test)

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis 2.0 + Parasitology.



I'd be really interested to know how the results of these tests are presented. Will they be interpreted for you? Have they been ordered through the NHS or privately? Hopefully they'll prove to be a useful diagnostic tool for you. Jane


They are private tests jane recommended by a functional endo working together with nutritionist who suffers hashi herself.

I will be posting all results, although that could be a while. Some genetic testing can take up to 6 weeks. I can't remember turn around time for all of mine.



Jane, good to hear from you again, glad that daughter is progressing. PR


Thanks PR. Jane


Welcome back Jane and thank you for updating us on your daughter. I do remember your posts and the links you included, it was certainly an eye-opener to the world of mould.

Really pleased that your daughter is on the right track with her health although very slowly.

I wonder whether the UK will wake up to this.


cinnamon, it is an area that is expanding enormously in the US, and so many people are being cured after years of ill health. It is a scandal that patients have to dig deep and travel there from the UK to get help. I am being met by blank walls at every quarter when I try to get authorities and organisations here to listen to me, but fortunately lots of UK folks are finding their own way to the clinic we go to for help. One day the UK will catch up. I just hope it's sooner rather than later. Thanks for your interest.


Hello Jane

Are there specific genes or SNPs that relate ro what u are referring to in terms of not being able to eliminate toxins etc ? Is it MTHFR or are there others ? Just got my 23andme results and trying to do some research and investigation before lookimg at next steps .....

Thank you for the info.


Hi Bagpuss, Yes, there are scientists who can interpret the 23andme results regarding an individual's ability to remove toxins. We've not had it done because the mould biotoxin tests serve as the diagnostic, treatment and monitoring tool needed by the doctor. Jane


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