Diagnosed with Hashimotos 2 years ago

my antibodies were 600 2 years ago and felt pretty rotten to be honest, i have been gluten free for 2 years now had my Thyroid profile test done with blue horizon and results are as follows:

Total thyroxine T4 101 (59-154)

TSH 2.65 (0.27-4.2)

Free thyroxine 14.5 (12.0-22.0)

Free T3 3.8 (31.-6.8) what does this mean?

antibodies peroxidase down to 225.1 (0-34) which i am made up with

Thyroglobulin negative 67.9 (0-115 negative)

any advise would be gratefully appreciated i am on thyroxine 125mg always feel better when TSH is 0.49? always need more thyroxine in winter months. so decided to knock off 25mg from now till October then start with higher dose

what do you think any one?

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  • How do you feel? Look a bit under medicated to me

  • to me you are still undertreated

    your TSH is 2.65 when it ought to be below 1

    your free t4 would be better at nearer 19 and free t3 at 5

    hence i would want to increase your dosage of levothyroxine

  • would this be just on levothyroxine thank you very much

  • it would be preferable if you could get some t3 to complement the levothyroxine or better still NDT/Armour/ERFA as for many people the natural dessicated thyroid meds work better than levothyroxine

  • So pleased to hear about your TPO result after the gluten free diet. I am hypo with raised antibodies and was diagnosed wheat intolerant 15 years ago. I will be going on Paleo diet, no gluten or dairy and hope that will reduce my antibodies. I always feel best when TSH is below 1 and I take 100mcg levo only.

  • thank you crimple for your reply i have reduced by dairy quite a lot but a cup of tea without milk is not good lol when my tsh was 0.49 i felt amazing and always worse this time of year from October they do say to increase through the winter, but get a gp who will??

  • Crimple, please report back if the Paleo diet makes any difference will you? I have done it before my thyroid problems and I felt great but it gave me horrendous constipation so I'm reluctant to do it again as my bowels are working pretty good now-don't know if it's because of the Levo or being gluten free. I would love to reduce my antibodies though :-(

  • Going gluten free should help constipation and I think going lactose free does also. I will report back. I am still learning what will be left for me to eat as "nightshade plants such as aubergine, potato, tomatoes and peppers are excluded and I cannot tolerate eggs. After 30 days I can try reintroducing things, but no gluten, ever and maybe some dairy. Usually it is milk that is the problem rather than hard cheese or well fermented yoghurts. I hope that the night shade plants will also be back on the diet, not bothered about potatoes.

  • Doing without gluten/dairy would be a breeze compared to tomatoes, peppers & tomatoes-I really would find that hard. Good luck - hope it all works well for you :-)

  • infomaniac, I never had any luck with dairy free/gf and constipation (even when I was on enough t4 to keep tsh below 1 and t3 and t4 in the upper part of the ranges), but the addition of about 10mcg t3 (with no reduction in t4) sorted it right out. :-)

    I'd also like to know how to improve antibody levels too. Gf made no difference, nor did selenium, omegas, etc.

  • My antibodies have gone down from 1600+ to 1100, which I'm hoping is due to being GF. My digestion is so much better that even if I was miraculously cured off all my thyroid ailments I'd still keep on with it. I've been constipated most of my life but now am pretty regular, don't get so bloated and can eat pulses without any dramas so I'm GF for life!

  • Fantastic! If it works for you it's worth it. :-) Constipation truly is the devil's work.

  • I would hoard a few tabs. Ask for double prescription cos you are going on long holiday!!! I have also reduced my levo when away in the warmth! When do they test your TSH, try to get a summer reading and a winter reading if you get my drift! I would also suggest you have organic milk rather than ordinary, does seem to help reduce lactose intolerance symptoms!

  • do you know crimple it was in the summer last year when mine was 0.49 plus i am a firm believer in vitamin D3 helps me loads. Try and Get T3 in the UK your having a laugh reallyfedup !! and ask for increase in levo is hard work too

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