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Genova Tests

I have had two suggestions that I may be suffering from Reverse T3 and another suggesting I am not converting well. For my peace of mind and the difficulty of persuading the NHS to do anything I have decided to have some tests done privately. Currently I am taking Levothyroxine 100 mcg and 125 mcg on Monday , Wednesday and Friday. I take my basal temperature on waking and again just before I turn off the light and my evening one is almost always lower than the morning one. (Wavylines commented on that to be careful not to take the evening one too late, so taken one tonight at 7 pm and result the same).

Tests looking at

TSH/TT4/FT4/FT3/RT3/ and both lots of antibodies. (Don't think I have a problem with antibodies but never been tested).

Melatonin-Sleep not good although improved a little since taking supplements.

Adrenal Stress Profile Cortisol and DHEA. Had one before which suggested a retest to show if static or free fall though GP said she didn't understand it.

I've also seen one that is as Adrenal Stress Profile as above plus IgA but not sure what that is or what it means.

I take my thyroid meds at night so I shall not take them the night before and I assume that as I'm not having any mineral testing I am ok to take my AdCal+D3, Selenium, Zinc, B12 and Magnesium as usual? (I take in the morning so will take normally the day before and take that days after my test).

Any comments/advice or other test suggestions will be gratefully received, thank you

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I used that Genova profile and was very pleased with it. Paul from Blue Horizons was looking into RT3 I think, it wasn't in their portfolio when I last looked. The Genova one took about 10 days because of the RT3 I believe, but BH can do their advanced profile on a finger prick in 2 days. Depends how desperate you are for the RT3 I guess.


Thanks for your reply Harry. I couldn't find a RT3 on BH. I'm a bit sceptical about finger prick tests having worked in a Physiology Lab. Plus my GP has said the surgery will take my bloods for me. I think as well with doing a follow up Adrenal Stress Test it made sense to stick with them.


I work in a lab too! I got my blood taken by a colleague, so if you can get it done easily it makes sense, yes. Although I did try the BH one too just for a quick follow up and it worked OK.


I worked with Medical Students, enough said!


Absolutely! ;-)


Here is the link for blue horizon RT3.

I couldn't find it either, so they sent me the link. Has to be venous blood not finger which is why it doesn't show up in the home kits. : )


Many thanks Iris. Will look at that.


I've used Genova for both the full thyroid tests and Adrenal Stress profile and found them to be very good. IgA (immunoglobulin A) is an option on the Adrenal test - as I understand it, it's a measure of the strength of your immune system, especially in the mucous linings of respiratory system, digestive system etc


Thanks for that Xanthe. it might be as well to get that done as I'm checking what works and what doesn't! I think I will go with Genova again as the link for BH reverse T3 was more expensive


I had the Genova RT3 done in 2008 it was the top end of normal. Which I suppose it was not that normal. I don't think the NHS had a clue. As long as my other thyroid tests were normal.

I have read recently that it's the adrenal glands that produce RT3

to block the T3 receptors. If the adrenals can't cope.

I've seen too many NHS endos

rather than look stuff up they go into denial.

I did all the tests. They would scoff at my saliva adrenal test being mal adaption phase 11.

Even their own test which showed my 24 hr urine had high cortisol and 11hydroxcortisol missing meant nothing.

It was just one of those things.

I even asked if I had congenital Adrenal Hyper or hypoplasysia.

The reply I got was that my DHEA was low on a Genova 24 hr urine so my condition was nothing to do with it being CAH.

That is retrospective as they didn't have (NHS ) the ability or the will to test me in my 20's.

I did get tested for prolactin that was high when I was 20 or so.

I came across another article recently that low 11 Hydroxcortisol goes with PCOS.

Cuppled with the history of high prolactin.

I have also got high insulin levels.

Because the cortisol fights with it.

The GP's are lead to then believe

your diabetic. Then they start starving you. The endos don't do a lot. Metformin does not do a lot.

Your left being told you are Mad.

I caught Lyme Disease in 2005.

I was even madder and I have low vitiamin D. I was totally insane to think I was ill.

I attended A & E in 2009 and 2012 and was put in a psychiatric Hospital.

Then sectioned for 3 months.

I had stroke like symptoms all through that time.

I was taken off my antibiotics and any other medicine and put on

Psychiatric drugs.

The doctors took no notice of what I said. I was told I was delusional schizophrenic.

I was physically very ill and nearly

got put in the psychiatric hospital again recently.

I've tried to complain.

And gone through a complaints

procedure several times.

I've fitted and the doctors have not a clue.

Not been been abled to walk.

Still they say it's all in the mind.

If they get half a chance.

I had some tests done privately I was found to have High Uric Acid

and raised AST.

Uric acid causes strokes and heart attacks.

It not A and E's normal test.

It's associated with infection and diabetes.

I wonder how many others are thrown out of A & E.

I told them I was diabetic I told them I had Lyme Disease I was admitted with a high temperature

And blood pressure.

The NHS is not fit for purpose.

Most people in the psychiatric hospital. Have biochemical problems that psychiatric medican is not addressing.

It's just a dumping ground for I can't be bothered with.

Then they get addicted.

The psychiatrists they do nothing.

Most of the endos seem to push u off as soon as look at u.

I have complained for the nenth

time again. Whether I will win the jack pot! ?



Gosh Carol you have been through the mill. I keep wondering whether I am wasting my time and money then something prompts me that I need to know. I started out wanting to eliminate things and see what is left plus I cannot get my head around my GP wanting to stop my supplements and take nothing over the recommended daily dose so that my TSH is measurable. I don't know a great deal about RT3 other than if that is what your body is doing you mustn't take Levo and that to me is a bold statement to take note of.


Melatonin wakes me up the 1st

Cupple of doses put me to sleep then it didn't work?

Melatonin is used to help cover you for radiation excess.

As electropollution not only effects the thyroid it reduces the melatonin after a 3 month period the levels are permanently lowered. Moving away the level returns. But going back into a electropolluted area there is no

Latent period.

Roger Cogshaw did tests.



Thanks Carol. Such a lot to take on board


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