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If I order a Genova Diagnostics test and mention TUK do I get a discount?

I want to order 'Thyroid Plus' and the 'Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile', do I get a discount for them by mentioning TUK? I hope these tests will give me all the information I need to know as to whether I have a thyroid or an adrenal problem. Has anyone tried these tests and did you regret them e.g. have to buy further tests, etc?

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You need to quote the appropriate TUK code for the test you require in order to get the discount. All TUK Genova discounted tests are on the PDF downloadable from the website here:



Ok thanks, but how much discount applies? The prices in the linked PDF are the standard prices.


Hi Anthony

There is no further discount I'm afraid. :(




Then why was it advertised at the time I bought the tests, it still is advertised. It doesn't seem fair that I've bought the tests thinking I'd get a discount anyway.


Yes, did the test expensive, but gave complete picture of adrenals over 48hrs. Worth the price.

Just means staying in one weekend!


I thought the adrenal profile was only over 24 hr or is that another test i'm thinking of?

These tests are a rip-off and I hate having to buy these, but don't think I have much choice when it comes to my healthcare since my GP won't bother.


yes i know

this test is the one i am going to make and i thought was 24 hours as well.


It is over 24 hours...


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