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Its me wittering again

Hi Folks -

continue to feel better on a daily basis!

Could I just review the recent blood test with you to tell me what it means:-

Total thyroxine (T4) 102 - (59 - 154)

TSH 5.07 - (0.27 - 4.2)

Free Thyroxine 13.9 - (12.0 - 22.0)

Free T3 4.6 - (3.1 - 6.8)

I haven't included the antibodies a they are clearly very low.

Could someone give me an overall opinion?

Many thanks as usual

Sheenah x

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Really sorry you had no replies - hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity....




Hi. Not familiar with total T4 readings but your TSH is on the high side and your freeT4 isn't at the top of the range so I would think that there is room to increase your thyroxine. However you say you are improving on a daily basis which is encouraging. Could it be though that you haven't given your last thyroxine increase time to reach its full potential? If not don't rush and possibly send yourself hyper, but if it was some time back I would discuss an increase with your GP


What is it you want to know sheenah? What the different tests are looking at, or what people think of where your results are?

Sorry if I'm being a bit thick :-\


I don't understand the position of the free thyroxine and the Total thyroxine XX


As I understand it, total thyroxine (T4) is what is knocking around, both usable and not usable by your body. Free thyroxine (T4) is actually available to your cells for conversion into T3, which is the stuff that actually does the work. I'm not sure that you really need to know the total thyroxine, but it comes as part of the test package. So your free figures are what is important, and they should be in the upper quarter of their respective ranges. That's my take on it anyway. ;-)


Thank you for that concise clarification. It was the total thyroxine that threw me, I thought perhaps I had missed something! XX


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