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Me again - adrenals???

In my early 20s (I'm now in my late 40s) I had a very difficult experience which led to anxiety, panic attacks and depression. This went on for years and I eventually had the courage to seek treatment and along with therapy and learning to meditate, etc i got back on an even keel . I know my adrenals were knocked for six.

When I was diagnosed two years ago with significant antibodies and a mildly elevated tsh I was put on thyroxine and told that my cortisol levels were good. So I have always assumed my adrenals were ok. Fast fward to now. My mum died last year and this year started with a bang when my beloved dog had a series of seizures which scared the life out of me. I joke about him being like a child to me but I haven't been able to have kids so he is the nearest thing I have. Along with money worries its fair to say that things have got on top of me a bit. I'm sitting here with tears running down my face and its quite a relief to write it all down. My question is this? What can we do for our shattered adrenals other than rest, eat well, take good supplements, meditate, etc. I can't seem to find any other info. Am I missing something? I take 4000 ius of vit d, b complex, c, a multi with selenium and an iron supplement. I'm going to ask to have my bloods done again (last oct tsh was at 2.45 but I felt ok). Do I need more thyroxine or to somehow heal my adrenals more? I've started to have an odd inner tremour feeling at night which has only come on since this latest event with my dog and am sure its adrenals.

I'm sorry this a long question with lots of little questions in it. Thank you to anyone who has advice.

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Unfortunately I don't know enough to offer advice on this but having lost my mum also and experiencing anxiety attacks as a result I do understand some of what you are feeling. I hope that you are soon feeling better and I'm positive that people in this group will be able to offer you advice. x


I'm sorry you have had sad experiences recently. You are having a grieving experience at present and it takes time to recover.

You say you felt o.k. with a TSH of 2.45 and although GP's maybe quite happy, we should have a TSH of 1 or below or even suppressed.

Anxiety, depression, etc can be thyroid hormone related and should be remedied with sufficient thyroid hormone. If levothyroxine doesn't make you well you may have to look at alternatives or have T3 added by your GP.


Well you can certainly suspect your adrenals being a problem for you! All that anxiety will have taken its toll! The same thing happened to me.

What can you do to help yourself though? I would suggest getting a good book on the subject. I have just recently read dr wilsons book on adrenal fatigue. He sets out in his book the steps you need to take to recover. I would recommend reading it. You have to stock to the plan. The adrenals are quite unforgiving!

Are you on any glandulars?



Thanks everyone. I'm going to get dr wilsons book and also have my tsh, etc checked ASAP. I always handle stress much better when I've had my thyroxine increased. I thinki need more. Xx


I am not an expert but I do sometimes get that inner tremor/shakiness you are referring to and I am sure its an adrenal symptom, which wouldnt be surprising given all you have been through. As to how to heal the adrenals I will leave that to people better qualfied to answer than me.

take care & best wishes


Hello Janiebell

You might want to get a adrenal saliva test done so you know exactly what is going on.. A test that includes your DHEA levels too.

In the meantime....

Vitamin B5 is especially good for helping to strengthen the adrenals. 500mg twice a day. Someone has also mentioned glandulars, this too is good to support the adrenals.

Also helpful, Celtic sea salt , a pinch in a mug of warm water 1st thing in the morn. NEVER ordinary salt though.



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Had to reply, I noticed months ago that whenever I over did it or was stressed by the time I went to bed, I was a mess internal tremors, twitches, like i have just done a work out and your body tremors like when you have over done it. In the morning this feeling shifts but get worse as the day goes by.

I ordered slava test and my cortisol is elevated all day, even the Dhea, which still needs investigating. in my opinion, adrenal is a huge issue for me and boy do I no when Im putting them under stress.

Im glad I had the test as this is one of the issues I have unravelled. I have to try and not be stressed, impossible I no.

sorry to hear that you are feeling rubbish.

big hug



I have normal adrenals on the saliva test but all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. I took NAX and they did nothing. I've been on cortef under Dr P for 4 days and have already noticed a big improvement! I would see Dr P if u can.


I've just about sorted my adrenal fatigue - it's taken 18 months. Try to get tested, because if you have adrenal weakness it will have implications for how you deal with your thyroid. My cortisol profile was OK, although low-ish in parts, but my DHEA was very low, so check for that.

Dr Wilson's book was my bible, along with support from a nutritionist and Dr P. I supplemented with vit c. B5 (pantothenic acid) and adrenal glandulars, amongst other things. I changed to a high protein diet (for rebuild and repair), with low GI foods (so avoid sugars, alcohol etc) and no caffeine. Keeping your blood sugar level stable is important to avoid stressing the adrenals.

Rest and relaxation are also important and you need to avoid stress as far as possible.

Taking DHEA made a big difference in my case - I think it took about 3 months or so to get my levels back to normal and I certainly notice the improvement.

I hope this helps!


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