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Could anyone help interpret my results please


My latest thyroid results have come back and I wondered if anyone out there could please help me interpret them? Are these results in the optimal range?

total Thyroxine T4 91 nmo1/L

TSH 2.24 mIu/L

Free thyroxine 15.8 pmo1/1

Free T3 3.7 pmo1/L

Reverse T3 11 ng/dL

Would be really grateful for any feedback on these results. Thanks

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It would be really helpful if you could post the reference intervals with these results.

How are you feeling? What signs and symptoms do you have, if any? These are important.

At first glance your fT3 looks low. A glance at your history shows you had an accident and bad reaction to medication. It's possible this has an effect on your thyrotrope (pituitary) and means you are not producing enough TSH. If you have hypo symptoms I think the first step would be to try and increase in levothyroxine but I suspect it may not help and you would need some liothyronine.

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Hi and thanks for taking the time to reply. My T3 is now gradually increasing after accident and medications took their toll on my body balance!

T4 91 (50-160)

T3 3.7 (3.1-6.8)

TSH 2.24 (0.37-4.2) I read that anything under 2 is optimal?

RT3 11 (10-17)


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Sorry I forgot to add that generally feeling much better (though couldn’t have felt worse before!) slight lack of energy and weight gain

You missed the reference interval for fT4! Although 15.8 is typically middling. As you are feeling better I would suggest you try and get your levothyroxine increased by 25 mcg and see how you do. Your fT3 is quite low but it might just be due to not enough T4. You can then see how you are in a couple of months time and in the longer term whether your fT3 picks up a bit.

My view it that hypothyroid patients need a TSH around 2.0 or lower for complex reasons but basically because they can't respond to low hormone levels as well as healthy people, they miss the benefits of a functioning thyroid, it's ability to convert a little T4 to T3.

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Thanks for your advice x

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