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Hypo/Hashimoto’s and Vit levels

Hi Everyone,

Haven’t posted for a couple of weeks,

I went back to the doctors, my Peroxidase Antibodies had almost tripled in 4 days between my private blood test and the Doctors blood test. Also Thyroglobulin levels at nearly over 1,000 now.

I couldn’t see my own doctor today so saw a different one who also knows my family history. She was the one who misdiagnosed me last time, she kept saying ‘I can’t understand why you had a private test when we checked you at the end of Feb and you were fine’..... well all the symptoms they ignored for a start! And 0.1 TSH level is not fine. Good job I got the test otherwise they would’ve never known.

Anyway she won’t blood test me until 6-8 weeks since putting me on Levothyroxine. She also said I don’t need my Ferrotin, Folic acid or Vit D levels checking even though they’ve never checked them. I also have Homozygous MTHFR gene. But won’t test my vitamin levels.

Should I be tested for these? Also random Q but does anyone’s eyebrows fall out!?

Thanks everyone xx

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Well you definitely do need vitamins checking, these could be tested when you go back to recheck thyroid levels after 6-8 weeks on your starter dose.

You could check privately, via Medichecks or Blue Horizon

Or pester to test when you go back for follow up appointment after next test

If you have heavy periods good reason to check ferritin

With MTHFr gene does this mean you're supplementing folate. Are you taking vitamin B complex too?

No point testing B12 if you are, and supplementing folate can mask low B12

If taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results



Private just vitamin D test - £28 vitamindtest.org.uk


Thanks for your response SlowDragon,

Doctors said I don’t need any of my vitamins checking. Which is why I made the post. I found it bizarre. They’ve got my gene test results for MTHFR yet they still never checked my folate levels or suggested supplementation.

I sent a blood test off recently to Medichecks. Waiting for the results. Then I will start supplementing folate as I have purchased some but wanted the test to check first.


NHS tests are largely useless

They often only test TSH - which is pretty irrelevant when on thyroid replacement

Vitamins are key and food intolerances

Private testing therefore pretty much essential

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Antibodies fluctuate all the time. Do you mean you've just found out you have Hashi's? Otherwise, it doesn't mean very much.

Why do you thing a TSH of 0.1 is not fine? It's pretty meaningless without the FT4/FT3. If they're in range, it could be perfectly fine. :)


I found out a few weeks back that I have Hashimoto’s.

It was a response on this forum that highlighted back in February that my TSH was 0.1 and it would have been a transient phase of Hyper before my Thyroid went severely Hypo, which I was advised happens when Hashimoto’s turns the thyroid Hypo. That’s where my comment came from. They never check FT3/FT4. Only recently because I’d had the private test done.

Thanks for your reply 😊


I understand, but you still cannot say that a TSH of 0.1 is not fine. It's probably perfectly fine, and absolutely nothing for you to worry about. But, you won't know unless you get your FT4 and FT3 tested. So, it's good that you've had the private test done. Do you have the results, yet? :)


I’ve already posted previously my results from private testing. This was largely related to Vitamin levels. I already know I’ve got Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism. My TSH level was 32, FT4 was 9 at the time but since been tested and was down at 5.3. Antibodies were at 679 on recent test for Thyroglobulin and 97 for Peroxidase. Think the FT3 was 3.4 so that was fine.


Depends on the range! But that FT3 looks very low. If the range was 3.1 to 6.8, it isn't fine at all! It's very hypo.

Sorry, bit of a misunderstanding there, I thought you meant you'd had private tests done when your TSH was 0.1. That's when you should have done them. When your TSH was 39, it's pretty obvious that the Frees are going to be low. But at 0.1, you need further information. You cannot dose by the TSH because it becomes irrelevant once you are on thyroid hormone replacement.


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