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private endo is it really worth it?? plz help!

i contacted a private endo and was awaiting a phone call back!

Anyway his secretary has not long rang and said she spoke to him about just a few of my blood results and tsh and he is willing to see me based on my symptoms and nodule!

Anyway initially she said that he said the blood results are in range, so my question it going to be worth paying just under £200 if this endo is going to go by the blood work?

Just a reminder of my blood work is on the general page "thyroid results just in"!

Many of you have said i should get antibodie test done, so do i go and see this specialits or go on and just get the private testing done!

When his wife (secretary) said there is a possibility he wouldn't be able to help you it got me thinking is it worth doing this privately if im not going to get any better result then with a nhs endo :(

Would appreciate if anyone can maybe inbox me a name of a endo that is possibly worth going too

Any advice would be greatful right now.............:/

many thanks nichola x

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Personally. I say use the NHS first. If then you are getting peed off. Then try a private Dr. Research them first.

I know I would go up the wall if I saw a private and they said bloods in normal range bye. I certainly would ask for money back.


Thanks, my tsh is 1.73, ft3 5.0 and ft4 11.0, i have been told by many my ft4 is low range, obviously is a private endo is going to go down just the "normal range" then there is really no point in trying them, i haven't got my endo appointment untill may so im not sure whether to go ahead and have the antibody test done!

Im up the wall already :D x


One positive about seeing a private endo is that you won't have to wait nearly as long to be seen as on the NHS so you will be progressing your journey quicker, even if the consultation is not a positive one and you can move on to trying your next tack quicker. On the other hand, you could wait until your NHS appointment and if it doesn't go well then ask your GP for a private referral as a 2nd opinion afterwards. So you get 2 chances. I did not have a good experience with a private endo but I know someone on here who saw the same man and has had a great result.


As a third option, if you want to go private you could think about spending the money to see Dr S or Dr P instead. They would be a safe bet in terms of not wasting your money. If not, ask I think Louise for a list of good endos to be referred to so as ot to waste your appointment.xx


Several things spring to mind. Any good consultant recognises that blood test should be taken together with symptoms, so depends how good he is. A private thyroid doctor only looks after thyroid , so an endo is very different. The best consultants are the same NHS or privately, the only thing is that good private endo has plenty more time to listen to the patient ,so is normally much more thorough.There are not many good endo`s about , as with all consultants they are expected by the GMC to tow the line. Only the very best are prepared to stick their neck out for the good of the patients. Before you spend any money ,I would make extensive enquiries, although his wife sounded quite positive.Take your tests with you to cut down on costs and visits.Most consulltants charge more for the first visit and allowed to charge up to £150 for subsequent ones, except Pofs , very expensive!

Best wishes,



Personally I would get the antibody test done before seeing a private endo given your existing blood test results. Have you also had your Vit D and B12 tested?


Ive had b12 done back in august it was 245 no range given, i haven't had a vit d test, do you think with my thyroid results i need the antibody test?


I would suggest that a VIt D test is essential - symptoms of low Vit D can mirror hypo plus it is essential in the convertion of thyroid hormones. An antibody test will tell you if you have/are developing hasimotos disease. My daughter (age 15) has just been diagnosed with this, I knew that her thyroid health would decline because her antibodies were increasing and hench attacking her thyroid but her TSH and T4 were 'within range' (at the time although since then her TSH has risen to 9.34 hence her diagnosis and now treatment). Ask your doctore for a Vit D test or you can get one on line for £25.00 from here

Your B12 is very low - mine was around your level and I now supplement with Jarrows Methyl B12 1000mg per day and my levels are now rising. ( I am hypo as well).

hope this helps


I started the jarrows b12 today so im hoping they will help, i have my gp app tuesday and im going to kindly ask her about my full blood count results as i had no furthur action and some says high and low :/.

I feel i suffer from both hyper/hypo symptoms.

Funny you say about your daughter, as my 15 year old suffers like me but she also has bouts of passing out, we have been told following her full blood count the gp wants to see her.

What would you say about my thyroid results? x


If you email for a list of NHS Endos or private doctors. At least it shouldn't be a waste of money.


difficult to comment as there are no reference ranges - however in my experience with these results you are unlikely to get treated on the NHS.


the reference range for t3 here is 3.8-6.0

the reference range for t4 here is PROVISIONAL 7.9-20.0


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