Saw private endo yesterday - hopefully light at the end of the tunnel!

I went to see a private endo yesterday recommended by someone on here. It was a very helpful visit with numerous ways forward to get rid of my worst symptoms, the muscle aches and complete lethargy.

She checked my private tests and the first step is to raise my ferritin level to over 70. It is currently 13. I now have to get iron sulphate tablets and start on those. She is quite confident this will help greatly but is happy to try other things if it doesn't, which is good.

As someone with little knowledge of thyroid conditions, it was interesting how she explained Hashis. She said that I have very angry antibodies which have decided to attack my thyroid. At some point they may decide to attack other things so I need to bear that in mind in later in life.

She is going to ask my doctor to check for lupus and coeliac and arthritis and get me a booster shot of Vit D as the 1000iu I am taking is not enough for my low levels.

I definitely recommend getting the tests done privately if you have to. It means that I've spent the holiday money for this year, but I wouldn't have been able to go on one anyway as I have felt so bad.

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So glad to hear you have had a positive appointment. I too went down the private route with excellent results. Such a shame that this seems to be the only way to get the help we need through no fault of our own.

I hope you start to feel much better soon x

This is great news! Sounds like she knows what she is talking about. Is this Dr M?

No it was Dr B at Leamington Spa.

Well, Dr B sounds very good :)

Any chance of you passing on Dr B's name as I am reasonably near to Leamington

I will send you a PM , as doctors names are not allowed on the open site.


Thank you so much Jackie, will reply by PM

Hi Jackie

Would you mind sending me Dr B's name and contact details please?

Thanks Dianne

Hi Will send a PM. If any one else wants details ( I think she is getting inundated) then click on my name to send me a PM.


Hello everyone

I have an appointment with my GP on Thursday in an attempt to try and get a change of medication to NDT and/or further tests carried out as I am sinking fast and seem to have make little progress for the past 2 years on increased doses of levo. Had private saliva adrenal tests done 2 weeks ago and if the GP won't do vits/minerals, or even perhaps let me try T3, then I am going to have the tests done privately and see a private endo.

I did wonder however, if you see a private endo and s/he writes to your doctor with recommendations would your doctor be able to prescribe these on NHS or would this carry on as a private prescription.

If it is okay with you TraceyLE would you mind letting me know by private email the name of your endo, so that I can arrange an appointment asap if not successful at GP's on Thursday.

The NHS and private Endos do notify your GP. It is up to the GP whether he will prescribe if it is a private Endo.

Any particular reason or is this a postcode thing, or is it just down to what the endo says

I think it is down the GP's budgets. If you see someone privately, they probably think why cannot you pay for prescriptions. (Never mind that it is a lifelong condition - not a few weeks recovery).

Hi I see 16 consultants privately, also I have seen many others in the past. They always ask the GP to prescribe and so GP always does, it is a question of safety as a lot of drugs conflict with each otherm A consultant always has to have a referral from the GP or another doctor, so in essence that is acceptang prescribing. A private doctor is totally different.

Best wishes,


I saw private consultant who also works for my local NHS who prescribed T3 privately for first month, who wrote to GP and now get on NHS.

I saw private consultant who also works for my local NHS who prescribed T3 privately for first month, who wrote to GP and now get on NHS.

Very interesting reading - thank you! My sister (hypothyroid) my niece (thyroid cancer - treated thank God) and my friend (Vet!) all urged me to go to GP with symptoms; memory - foggy brain (very frustrating), hair loss, poor appetite, dry skin, feeling cold (going to bed with several layers on) constipation, depression (though imy real personality is resiliant and upbeat) aches etc etc, Took temperature daily at the same time (3pm) for a week - this ranged between 35 and 36.1. GP did one blood test came back normal. They said "There's more to life than thyroid" I had bowel cancer a couple of years ago (symptoms missed until stage 3) followed by chemo related acute renal failure (symptoms missed) I read that there can be a link between sluggish bowels and bowel cancer. I would like symptoms to be taken seriously and sadly suspect might have to go private for this to happen. We live in north Essex. Please would anyone be able to recommend where to go (would travel!) The other thing was that I wonder if people are privately diagnosed they also have to pay for ongoing medication? Also wondered if there are any natural remedies I could try in the meantime?

Thank you very much for any advice! :-)

If a private doc and not and Endo then yes, if a private endo they write to GP and scripts always done by them for safety. The only exception is if they suggest something not on the prescriing list ie armour only the, if lucky will they prescribe it. In that case a private script. ie I have T3 from endo via Gp but have to buy my armour, although some GP`s will prescribe it.

I will send a Pm with the Endo details.


Thank you Jackie - so kind :-)

You could check autoimmune thyroiditis on this website:

Autoimmune issues usually originate in the gut and related to permeability. Lots of antibiotics can precipitate this along with foods like gluten or lactose, etc. if you are intolerant. If you take some steps now, it may help.

Afew bloggers mentioned contacting by Pm. What is a Pm? Could somebody tell me please and how would I do it? I would be grateful if somebody could enlighten me. stil a bit new with

Blogging and the net. Thanks

Hiya pm means private message. You select the persons name and you can pm them from there .

Thank you TraceyLe for reply re Pm. Will know what to do now.

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