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Following the helpful advice on this forum, I started taking sublingual B12 last summer to help with my peripheral neuropathy (which I had since having chemotherapy for breast cancer 4 years ago) and to help generally with levo absorption. I had a TT about 10 years ago. The first batch of Jarrow 5000mcg tablets were as expected - they dissolved easily under the tongue. I bought another batch around the end of November but these don't seem to dissolve but need to be crunched. They appeared to be the same as the initial batch.

I've looked at the Jarrow site and they do say that the last modification was June 2013 but I can't see any more information.

Has anyone else noticed a difference?

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No but I might be on old stock. if it is any help to you ones I am taking just now are Lot# 50210K13 Best used before 11/15

Think this is my third batch. This lot and my first ones came from the US - I had a batch from the US but couldn't find where I had ordered them from in the UK when they needed replacing so I went back to Amazon and got them from the US.

I think I read a review on Amazon to this effect - the tabs don't dissolve as easily as they used to.

Also has anyone got problems getting B12 injections? I was told this week by my Pharmacist that they were out of stock at the wholesalers and they had tried at three different ones. Apparently there is a shortage and only GP's are being supplied. Any ideas anyone?

The problem is with the manufacture of the generic brand of B12, there are 2 other brands available that have ample supplies, Neo-Cytamen and Cobalin H. The PAS have put together a letter to give your GP if you are told that injectable B12 is not available, their website is down today so I can't link to it. There is no excuse for them not to be able to source the other 2 brands. There is also a shortage of Cyanocobalamin in the USA and Canada.

Thanks for that and will run off a copy, just in case, when my next injection is due.

Thanks everybody. At least I know I'm not being stupid! I should have read the reviews.

I'll order again from Amazon.

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