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B12 allergy ?

I have had to start taking daily injections of hydroxocobalamin again.

I am using Rotexmedica and a new batch with brand new packaging.

Since starting using this new batch 5 days ago, I have suffered daily from the most awful bowel actions.

I emailed the German Pharmaceutical Company, to get assurance that the contents have not changed.

They said, it hasn't, so the only thing that has change for me diet wise, is eating meat.

I can only cope with sausages, and sometimes mince, maybe, its the preservative, in the sausages.

I don't get sharp tummy pains, but this is beginning to make me feel quite weak.

Anyone had a similar problem????

Thanking you for any advice given.


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If you have not been eating meat protein for a long time, it takes a while for the gastro-intestinal tract to adapt. Go slow. Small amounts at first. What you are experiencing is not unusual.


Thank you for replying.

I will have a break from eating meat for a few days, and eat only fish.

I actually entertained the idea, that it maybe, the preservative in the sausages.

It has been 25 years with no meat protein,so I should have taken the slow approach to eating it.

Thank you very much, my problem solved.

Take care



You can try chicken soup. The protein will be dilute. I cup per day to start. Add a few shreds of chicken meat to it after a few days if you are digesting the broth well. If you make your own, you only need a couple of legs with backs attached. Celery, carrot, onion, spice of choice. Freeze serving sizes so you don't have to concern yourself with it going off.

Also fish soup.

There are some delicious recipes for various types of recipes easy to find on line for using fish as a soup base.

It all depends on how many ingredients you have available and the adventurousness of your palate.


This appears to be a more gentle introduction to eating meat again.

One day vegetarian next day meat eater,Mmm I was expecting too much of myself.

I have not tried chicken yet, so in a soup, sounds more appealing.

I will be getting all the necessary protein from the broth, so technically, could give

my hubby the chicken legs to eat.

I will take your advice, 1cup per day of chicken or fish soup, and leave the sausages and mince for a couple of weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me.

Take care



More than a couple of weeks..... Vegetarians have a very hard time introducing meat protein to the diet. It makes them sick because the enzymes required from the pancreas have gone on 'holiday'. It takes a couple of months of very slow introduction in order to ramp up production.

If your vegetarian diet was low fat, then the gall bladder action is also going to be somewhat lazy. You can test this by downing a shot glass of high quality olive oil. If that manages to go through without adverse symptoms, then that's great.

If you check history, the inmates of the concentration camps (not saying here that you are like that but it's a matter of perspective) died after liberation when the Americans started feeding them a protein and fat rich diet to try to save their lives. Of course you won't die if you all of a sudden start to eat significant amounts of meat, but as you discovered, it is very uncomfortable and makes you feel terrible. A more gradual introduction of proteins and fats were required. For these people, calories were more important than ideal nutrition. So that part of the story does not apply to you.

25 years of no meat or fish etc. is a long time so you can't expect the body to adapt rapidly.


No meat or poultry, but I still did eat fish, that is, when I could get access to it.

I remember reading an article many years ago, about how necessary fat is for a healthy brain.

We always used butter,and I have never bought anything, that said, fat free.

Thank you, soooo much for this information, if I could, I would give you a hug, cat and all.

Your advice has been taken on



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