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I posted here a day or two ago complaining about Batch No. 82463. At present I am in communication with Mercury Pharma' and hopefully they will replace the unsuitable batches. I would like to ask to replace with a specific batch but am at a loss to remember which batch I felt ok on. For anybody out there taking Liothyronine and feeling ok would you mind to share the batch no you are on, and then maybe I can request this particular batch in the hope of feeling reasonably normal again?

Thank you

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Hi Margo I only realised the other day that the above batch was causing me a problem. It was very gradual over a period. I don't have the batch number of the one I switched to with me at present but it expires 2016

Thanks Shaws, how do you feel on the new batch? When you know the number perhaps you could let me know?

Thank you.

I am completely fine again and it worked quickly (over 3 days) there is definitely a difference with the new batch and will let you know a.s.a.p. I really wouldn't have realised it was the tablets until I searched the number and found your earlier query. I am away for a few days and only have some tablets but not the tub.

Hi Shaws,

Did you get the number of the batch you're ok on please?

Severely struggling here and need to know a batch I can rely on!

What a nightmare!

Unfortunately, after about ten days I got different symptoms and stopped Mercury's altogether.

I wrote to them (Amdipharm they're now called) and also put in a Yellow Card Report to MHRA.

I have yesterday had a reply back from Mercury and they say their investigation proved there was nothing wrong with the efficacy of T3. I told them I didn't say there was anything wrong with the T3 but the fillers/binders have given me the problems and that they should use hypo-allergenic fillers/binders as they charge so much and we do not have an alternative in the UK.

I am now using T3 I bought abroad when I was on holiday.

Thank you for your reply.

It's a ridiculous situation isn't it :(

Glad you're feeling better.

You should put in a Yellow Card to the MHRA. They should be notified of inefficient meds otherwise we will never get a change. We don't want to be permanently unwell.

I would have, definitely .... But unfortunately I finished the bottle and put it in the rubbish before I linked my downturn to the T3 :( Can't even go through the dustbin as it was collected yesterday! :/

I would still notify them anyway and that you don't now have the batch number as you didn't connect symptoms to the liothyronine - you thought it was hypo symptoms.

You don't have to if you'd rather not.

What would we do without this site? It has helped me so much as I am sure like others I was in the dark about all things thyroid. Yes please let me know what batch when you can.

Thank you

Margo, what's wrong with that batch? I have that batch but haven't started them yet. Currently taking 81745 which expires 09 2016 and am fine on them.

Hello Clutter, If you look at my previous post you will see that there are some others from this site on the same batch (82463) that have had problems. For me it was gradual, absolute exhaustion, sore throat, headache, the usual things that affect me when I am under-medicated. thank you for sharing with me that you are ok on 81745.

Hi I'm ok batch number 81745 and I'm pretty sure that this batch is causing me problems since I started 2 weeks ago I'm feeling a definate decline and more hypo symptoms. My temp has dropped to 36.4 as well

The Pharmaceutical company changed my pots of 82463 to 81745. I have been on 81745 for a few weeks and am steadily feeling worse and worse.

Don't forget to fill in a Yellow Card Jan61 for what it is worth, so the Pharmaceutical company know it isn't just me.

Hi Margo - did you find a batch that worked for you in the end?!

No not really The CatsWhiskers still in the same predicament, just taking a half tablet more. I think all the batches of late are the same.

I would be interested to know if anybody has found a batch that is not causing any problems.

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