Blood test results

I've just had my blood test results and they are as follow:-

Tsh - 0.04 (0.3 - 5.6)

T4 - 16.9 (6.3 - 14.0)

Folate - 6 (4.0-20.0)

Ferritin - 27 (11.0-307.0)

Didn't do Vit D or ESR

In light of these results they have dropped my dose from 175 to 150 are these results good because I still feel so tired.

Can anyone help me understand what's going on.

Thanks Tina x

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  • Your folate is far too low and your ferritin is far too low. They need to be at least mid range. Work on improving those and you will probably feel a whole lot better.

  • Thanks for replying so quickly how do I go round improving them, obviously the doctors not to bothered and what effect does it have on your body if these are not sorted out?


  • Hi tina. I think folate you can improve by taking folic acid and ferritin by taking iron. You'd best double check that. Both are available over the counter in any chemist. If you find regular iron tablets hard to get along with, you can try the spatone water sachets.

    Both can stop your body absorbing your thyroid meds properly. You don't seem to have had your iron level measured, but I think (??) that iron and ferritin are related. Anaemia makes you feel pants - tired, no energy, just blaaah.

  • Have you every had your B12 tested as low folates can indicate low B12 as well. Also can I assume that your comment of "no vitd done" means you have never had your vitd tested?

    Have a look at this link from the vitd council that states low vitd causes low folates and ferritin levels, so you might want to go back to your GP with this piece of info and ask again for your vitd to be tested - this link is from a very reputable source so she shouldn't argue with it.

    Your feeling tired because a lot of your vitamins are way out of line and your body is having trouble converting the T4 to the T3 it desperately needs because of this, so not only are you tired because of low vitamins you are also struggling because of low T3.

    Moggie x

  • Hi yes I have pernicious anemia and my b12 was 600 (180-900) so they said it was fine


  • And your vitd?

    Moggie x

  • They shouldn't reduce your medication only due to the TSH. Dr Toft of the BTA says some need to have a suppressed TSH to feel well.

    The second question/answer on this link is self explanatory but the first one is also informative.

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