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Is Armour Thyroid an option?

Hi, I have not been feeling the best as of late. My brain fog is ridiculous, some mornings i dont even feel as if i can get out of bed even though i want to, ive put on a fair bit of weight which doesnt easily shift and i feel as if i have a big lump in my throat. When i mentioned T3 my dr (i like my dr, i blame the decision makers) simply rolled her eyes and said there was some propaganda going on. Is Armour or some other NDT something i should maybe consider or am i jumping to conclusions?

My test results were:

TSH: 4.51

Free T4: 16.0

T3: 1.20

Glucose: 4.8

Thank you

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Blimey, you look horribly undermedicated and your FT3 looks on the floor. No wonder you feel ill.

Could you post your lab ref ranges in case they're very different to those I'm used to and what medication are your currently taking?

Armour isn't licensed in the UK so most NHS GPs and endocrinologists won't consider prescribing it. You've more chance of getting T3 prescribed if it can be shown you aren't converting T4 to T3.

The propaganda comes from guidelines, unfortunately rigorously adhered to by most NHS practitioners, published by the RCP, BTA & BTF which categorically state that T4 monotherapy is the recommended therapy for primary hypothyrodism and dismisses T4+T3 combination therapy, T3 monotherapy and NDT.

The other factor is cost. NHS pays £103 for 28 x 20mcg T3 when 100 x 25mcg T3 can be bought online for £14 inc p&p. Go figure!

Many people taking Armour and T3 buy on-line because of the difficulty in getting their GPs to prescribe.


Hi, I have no idea what my ranges are, is this something that the dr could tell me? I am currently on 100mg Levo, but was ok for months after going on it, but it is in the last couple of months that i have not been feeling my best. I would like the support of my dr for Armour but i dont think that is going to be very likely any time soon.


It's time you had another TFT as you're no longer feeling well and may be under medicated. Ask for your ferritin, vitD, B12 & folate to be checked too, as these are often deficient or low in range in hypoT patients and need to be high in range for optimal absorption and well being.

Don't take your normal dose of Levo until after the blood test and arrange the blood to be drawn as early as possible in the morning when your TSH is naturally higher.

Make sure you always request a print out or verbal statement of your blood results with lab ref ranges. You are entitled to see your medical records.


not heard T3 called 'propaganda' before! g'aw blimey again!

(hmm - perhaps you've dropped too many of those informative leaflets by TUK helicopter Louise! .... As if! )

However - at least your GP has actually HEARD of T3 - so maybe this 'propaganda' IS working! lol!

Meanwhile - have you been diagnosed and are you being treated? (I'm not @ 4.57 'normal' either, but obviously I'm extremely normal and always have been :D )

Seriously First thing to do - If you're offered try Levo - just see if it works for you, 75% find it does - also get those vitamins/minerals in line too- irons, ferritin, folate, B12 & Vit D to start (there's more...) If GP won't, please get tested anyway. J :D


I think she has only heard of T3 because of the other patients who have been asking about it. I have been diagnosed hypo about 3 or 4 years i think and im on 100mg Levo. Its only recently i have been feeling not myself and i am back on anti-depressants, again. Just wish i had more options, haha, an option would be nice.


Hi Armour, Erfa etc all contain T4 and T3. You first will need blood tests for TSH, T4 and FT 3 , as if FT3 high in range, it may push it over range, not good. However, you are right T3 with T4 does make a big difference usually. All T3 lowers the tSH and helps symptoms. it should be started slowly ,if on its own or in armour etc, with repeat bloods until stable , every 4-6 weeks. T3 to buy abroad can be very expensive, armour does work out cheaper. However, if on a private script, as mine , still quite dear.. A lot of medics are very against armour, so although I have had it for years + some T3, script, I like my Endo would suggest to try and get the T4 and T3 first, only take an NDT ( armour etc) if no choice. i am thinking of the future , hospital admittances for various things etc.

Can you try another doc in the practice? Or ask for a referral to an Endo , that you have chosen. Phone their sec first and check they will prescribe T3 too. Then ask for the referral.

I hope that gives you some ideas.

Best wishes,



Hi Again, Sorry only just spotted your blood results.You need ranges as vital, all differ. With my ranges 16 for T4 is fine, however, the onlky test any use for T3, is FT3, with ranges, so you do need that.

Glucose is Ok but quite high, worth having the diabetic diet, WEB as that is also good for thyroid. It is important as it could easily go into diabetes at that. over 5 is diabetes., although the best test is Hb1Ac.



No good your doctor rolling her eyes your TSH is too high it should be below 1

your free t3 is way way too low

your free t4 is hardly high

Has Ferritin and folate been tested because without the level of them being well over halfway up their range you simply cannot convert thyroxine into the T3 your cells are screaming for

Even Armour of NDT will not help greatly until ferritin and folate levels are correct hence why you really need t3 in the interim


Is that TOTAL T3 ? If Its FT3 then yes it is way too low, but If it is TT3 then it may not be as low as people are thinking.

It is important to include reference ranges with test results as people can get the wrong idea, and possibly give the wrong advice if the reference range is different to what they think.

That said, even for TT3 it still looks on the low side, and your TSH is on the high side, you would probably benefit from an increase of Levo as a stating point. It is unlikely you would get NDT through the NHS at this stage (though not impossible). Agree with the others about getting your ferritin and foliate levels up as well, the levo works far better when these are supplemented properly.


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