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How to increase sodium if iodine is not an option?

I know iodine is risky if you have Hashimoto's especially if you don't have a Dr overseeing your any suggestions on how to get my sodium up without iodine?

I know I need sodium as per my last blood result: 135 mmol/l (136-145).

I am trying to figure out some quick ways of increasing my sodium to help me convert better.

I don't think using extra sea salt on my food is sufficient.

Another question. If I add my salt to my diet even though I need it, won't it cause me to retain more water?

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Hello Enfrance,

Low sodium levels can be due to inadequate thyroid medication.

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Flower007-Unbelievable, yet another obvious sign that should have said something to the Dr. Thank you so much for the help!!!

This forum is a God-sent!!!


Met someone at the TPA conference who puts a little salt in all her drinking water.


I did try this last night, but shortly there after...headache ouch!! But perhaps, it might help along with slowly increasing meds.


I consistently have low sodium on my blood tests, but my doc has never remarked on it. For the last 10 days or so I have been frantically salting everything, even licking it off my plate - and this from a woman who hates salty food. Or at least I used to. I don't know what's happened to me or what's going on. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful to hear them...

P.S. Should just say I have subclinical hypothyroidism for which I am not receiving treatment.


I am now in the same boat, except I have to make an extra effort to salt food since I am waiting to work out until I have settled my dosage of DNT.

However, it makes sense to me that your body is craving salt since you lack it. I would lick away..ha, ha.

I know for example, when I do alot of exercise I enjoy salt on my food whereas normally I don't care for salty foods. I especially recall doing the same thing as you when I was working out alot. I always listened to my body.

Now, this bit about being undermedicating is indeed interesting. It could be my case as I am still trying to find my right dosage. I am not sure, but I find it intriguing and it makes sense as everything needs to be balanced.

I would ask yourself as to whether or not you have any other symptoms???


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