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Ultrasound shows multifollicular/multinodular thyroid Dr says it's nothing to worry about. Should I push to see a specialist?

TSH and T4 within normal range Dr will not test T3. I have many symptoms of hypothyroidism also well controlled type 2 diabetes. I'm overweight trying hard to lose weight but the Dr puts my symptoms down to weight. One of the worst things is that I'm cold all of the time. My temperature rarely rises above 35.3

I've read that ultrasound can't tell if nodules are malignant or benign.

Any advice or similar experiences appreciated.

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A member who has had a similar experience to you will most probably answer.

One of the clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism, is unexplained weight gain. It is also, when on medication, possibly undermedicated. Your other symptoms are also clinical symptoms.

Forget 'normal' when referring to blood tests. Get a copy of your a blood test and make sure they have the ranges. We are entitled to them and keep for your own records and post on the forum for members to give their point of view. If your GP hasn't already done Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done too.

I assume your GP hasn't yet, given you levothyroxine?

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No thyroxine prescribed as my TSH and T4 was bang in the middle of their ranges my new Dr said that she doesn't have T3 as an option to test for on her screen! :(

Up until now it has all been about my weight anything I go to the Dr with is attributed to my weight, the only reason they scanned my thyroid is because I had a lump in my neck which turns out to be a fatty deposit not associated with my thyroid.

During this ultrasound which took place at my surgery not the hospital the Doctor pointed out lots of nodules and said that they're nothing to worry about. Which of course I have googled and they're not always something to not worry about!

My Dr is very new and was reluctant to even look at my list of symptoms. I feel like they think I'm a hypochondriac but I've felt unwell for years now with my old Dr, who has retired, constantly telling me I've to loose weight.

I see other people out at restaurants eating normally but I I eat the same I put on weight. I have to eat like a bird!

I will ask for a print out of the results and may see if I can afford to have the other tests done privately.


This is a list of clinical symptoms:-

Your GP wont do all of these but the link following the next one is self-explanatory

So you will see the importance of getting a copy of your blood test results.


I printed this off and ticked all of my symptoms but the Dr didn't really look at them because she already had the TSH and T4 results :(


I saw an endo last week and asked about a previous scan which showed multi nodular goitre and other various lumps (the exact scan details are posted somewhere on here).

I was a bit confused with my results and took it to the endo, who read it and said it was fine. I asked about the nodules and he said, that it was normal to have multiple nodules with hashi's and that they were nothing to worry about. They worry when there is one singular nodule, but apparently multiple nodules are not a concern.

I'm getting my scan redone as mine was a few years old, but only to check for changes, as opposed to them being worried about them. If you are concerned then be all means you should ask for further investigation if only to put your mind at rest.


thank you, I'm seeing the Dr next week so will see what she has to say.


Hello Perky

What does your doctor call normal please? My doctor said my thyroid was functioning normally when I had a multinodular goitre. I later found out that my TSH was 9.8 & FT4 was about 13. The TSH was in fact out of range!!! Can you get a print out of your latest results with ranges & post them here.

I had the goitre surgically removed & my results improved (but are not ideal). I still have symptoms (No treatment).


I'm going on Wednesday I think that one of my problems might be b12 deficiency as I've been taking lansoprazole for 4 years now. Will post figures when I have them.


Ok so my Doctor says I have Hashimoto's, has put me on 25mg levo and sending me to the hospital to see the endo. Finally an explanation! My B12 levels were 336 which she said were fine but I've read that that level can still make you feel pants.


Woohoo, that is good you have a result. Happy for you


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