Should I see a specialist for a thyroid nodule and symptoms?

I went into see my GP last week because I developed strange symptoms about 2 weeks ago that haven't gone away. I began to have a feeling as if a pill was stuck in my throat. The sensation is causing me to have difficulty swallowing and discomfort, especially on the right side of my throat. I have also developed a clicking noise and sensation when I swallow.

I saw my GP and he felt that my thyroid was enlarged so ordered me an ultrasound and bloodtest. My bloodtest levels came back normal and the ultrasound showed my thyroid size to be on "the high side of normal". The scan also found a "cyst" or nodule on the left lobe of my thyroid. My doctor waited for me to call in for the results and I was only able to speak with a nurse. They told me no further tests were required and want to put me on acid reflux medication; they seem to think that reflux is what's causing all of my symptoms. I rarely ever have heartburn and I have a hard time believing this could be my problem.

My company only offers high deductible insurance plans so I just had to pay $500 out of pocket for the ultrasound and going to a specialist will also cost directly. I am incredibly worried that my thyroid nodule could be cancerous but my nurse insists I have acid reflux. Should I pay the money to see a specialist just to be safe or risk the cyst growing larger and try the acid reflux medicine? I am a 22 year old female. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you.

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  • Welcome to the forum, Baileymyers.

    The nodule may be cystic and too small for fine needle aspiration. A suspicious nodule would be flagged for further investigation.

    Your swallowing symptoms sound consistent with cyst/nodule and enlarged thyroid gland. I can't see how treatment for acid reflux will be of any benefit at all.

  • Thank you!

  • You have just described my symptoms but as bloods were normal I had to fight to see a specialist got appointment in august so fingers crossed I would def see specialist if I was you good luck x

  • My blood tests also came back normal and my doctor is really reluctant to send me to an endocrinologist. I'm just surprised he wants to ignore a single nodule on my thyroid and dismiss it as acid reflux. Good luck with your appointment next month!

  • Thank you x

  • Bailey, do you know what size the nodule is?

  • I don't know the size of the nodule, but they did mention they thought it was a cyst. I think I am planning to see a specialist so he can review my ultrasound as well.

    My throat is constantly uncomfortable and eating is becoming really bothersome.

  • Bailey, probably a good idea. It may be possible to drain the cyst which will relieve your discomfort.

  • Thank you so much for your responses, you've been really helpful. My GP seems to be totally clueless so I really appreciate your feedback. My mind always goes to the worst possibilities, I'll definitely get schedules for a specialist.

  • Bailey, GPs are generalists, know a lot of stuff but not usually in depth which is why there are specialists.

    95% of nodules are benign and if the nodule isn't solid, ie all cystic fluid it is most likely to be benign. If it is mostly fluid it may be possible to drain. A specialist will be able to advise.

  • Clutter, I called my doctor and he confirmed that it is a cyst and it's very small - 3mm. He doesn't think this is the issues but is willing to send me to an endocrinologist, however it will be 90 days until I can get it. He wants to schedule me for an Upper Endoscopy within the next two weeks to see if i do have a pill stuck in my throat.

    I'm nervous about this procedure, do you think I should see the endocrinologist before having EGD? Do you think such a small cyst could really be causing my discomfort?

  • Bailey, 3mm is really very small and unlikely to be causing discomfort, it's unlikely to need draining either. I'd go for the endoscopy and have your throat checked.

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