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Should I keep pushing to see a specialist


I've been having on and off symptoms for a year and a half of heart flutters, very light sleep and waking very early, feeling shaky inside, feeling hot and clammy, lots of hair lose, feeling anxious, hoarseness, constipation but no weight loss. My doctor sent me to see a specialist after blood tests of free T4 24 (7.8-14.4) and TSH 0.5 (0.3-5.6). The specialist re-tested and my results were free T4 15.8 (9-22.7) TSH 0.5 said I was in the normal range and sent me home with anti-depressants.

I've carried on getting symptoms which seem to get worse if I'm stressed I've had a few more bloods done:

Dec 2013 free T4 15.5(7.8-14.4)

Jan 2013 thyroid ultra sound which they said it was slightly enlarged.

Feb 2014 free T4 13.8 (7.8-14.4) TSH 0.51 (0.3-5.6)

June 2014 free T4 15.5(7.8-14.4) TSH 0.63(0.3-5.6)

I went back to the docs after my last result as they said it was borderline and no action was required but I asked to see the specialist again but they said I'm suffering from anxiety and all my symptoms are not thyroid related. Am I right to keep pushing to see the specialist again? I've also noticed over the past 2 years I have really dry thick skin on the tops of my feet about the size of a 10pence which I think are related to thyroid too ( everyone always asks me what the marks on my feet are) xX

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I am borderline and I have a treatment: carbimazole and propanolole.


I would send a letter to the manager of the medical practice to inform him that I am not happy with the way they have handled my condition and I would register somewhere else.

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Push to see a consultant !!!! I was under my GP for about 3 years, never felt well however much he played about with the dose of thyroxin but he insisted he could 'manage' the condidtion.

I finally said enough's enough, saw a consultant who is excellent & was recommended by others on this site. I've just been diagnosed with a severe growth hormone deficiency after a further 3+ years of tests so am waiting for treatment to start. The staff member I saw at hospital recently said they don't understand why patients don't complain more often as the NHS is there to offer a service.

Good luck,

Cath x


If you need a name of a good doctor NHS/private, email


I have been pushing to get referrals - one as recommended by A&E-refuses.says he will speak to gynae btu 6 weeks on and he still hasn't done so,i could have had an appointment in that time.meanwhile I am suffering the chronic pelvic and rib/abdo pains every day from time I get up and walking is so slow and painful.a normal 10 MINUTE WALK TOOK ME HALF AN HOUR.why do they all put everything down to depressionand anxiety.?my Annie is so concerned fro me she is biting her paws red raw and off her food etc


this is nuts - why have the *ranges* within which your results fall altered so dramatically between the two blood tests? That's the first question I'd be asking, and rather loudly. The second question I'd be asking is how come my results are so different (ranges notwithstanding)? These tests were close together in time, yes? One would imagine that as both were done locally they'd even be put through the same lab! And I'd be asking for another blood test.

I wouldn't be pushing to see THAT specialist again - although you certainly need to see one. See if one on Louise's List is near where you are, and ask your doctor to refer you there. In this case your doc seems to have more of a grip on what's going on than the consultant. Bear in mind that most thyroid 'specialists' mainly deal with diabetes.


I have the thick skin patches on the top of my feet too! It didn't occur to me they were thyroid related.

Anyone any idea what causes these?


I suffered the " normal range" for 7 years before my levels fell enough to be treated! Go figure, the symptoms were still the same. In retrospect I would have started taking the thyroid support vitamins and minerals and the adrenal support, plus any other thyroid type substances available, speak to naturopath, you will help relieve the symptoms and maybe give your thyroid a boost to keep working.

I now wish I had been more proactive in a natural health manner instead of waiting to comply with levels for treatment.

It's being afraid to meddle with thyroid treatment. Don't be.


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