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Ultrasound scan for thyroid, anything special I need to know about it?


Was looking at Facebook page of the private practice I used to go and saw a post about them having a radiologist doing ultrasound scans once in this month and twice next. I called them immediately and got the appointment next Saturday! Will cost me some but finally I get it done.

My neck has been awful and right side of my throat really painful this week like on Monday, then it disappeared. No flu. Aching started yesterday out of nowhere and now it is gone again.

Anyways, anything I need to know about it or anything I should ask or ?

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Justiina, there's nothing invasive, just a handheld camera glided over your neck and throat. I can't remember whether gel is applied. It'll take 10-20 minutes. Some technicians will discuss what they see, others may not and will tell you that results will be sent to your GP in 10 days after a radiologist has reported on the results.

Justiina in reply to Clutter

Thanks :) I was just told that no need to prepare , just to be there. Also I will be given the results there, 30 minutes appointment.

I guess if something shows up I will be given some sort of directors what to do. I don't have a doctor, but the radiologist is GP so I assume she will know what to do. I guess I better take my private test results with me in case something shows up and more tests are needed.


Justiina ,

A somewhat patient-oriented page:


A bit more of the serious information:


When I had an ultrasound, it was all over in next to no time. No problem at all. Though I was told nothing at the time (seems to be a common policy - might be different if a real endocrinologist as doing it?)

Justiina in reply to helvella

Thanks. I was told that will get the results there. Tho that is the only option as I booked the appointment without referral so there is no one to sent the results to : D

They applied gel for me & it was a quick procedure. I don't take well to something on my neck (can't wear a tie for example) so it was a little uncomfy for me.

Ultrasound operator was chatty & gave me the results straight away - even showed me the scan itself & talked me through where the nodules were, how she measured, etc. All very interesting......

Justiina in reply to budd_james

That's cool! I am very interested so I hope I will be told and shown everything that matters.

I wanted to see my knee surgery as well to understand what's going on :D

budd_james in reply to Justiina

I think it was easy for me as I told her before we got started that I didn't like anything on my neck, so I think she was chatty to distract me. After it was done I did ask her what she had seen & if I could have a look.

I'm always very inquisitive about scans, etc. & often manage to get copies of the scans themselves (not that I know what I'm looking at) but it's been useful further down the line when I can show other medicos........ I've found the NHS is not very good at making scans, etc. available at different hospitals.

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