Finally going to see a Thyroid Specialist

I've been hypothyroid since 2009, a few months ago my GP reluctantly agreed to up my meds so I'm now on 100mg of thyroxine. Despite pleading many times that I'm still experiencing all the symptoms & pain of being hypothyroid as well as putting on weight, I keep getting dismissed. I have a very careful diet, exercise 3 - 4 times a week, walk loads but the weight is creeping up as well as all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Recently after suffering weeks of agonising joint and bone pain, IBS, weight gain and extreme tiredness, I've been told now my Vit D levels are insufficient. I've been given an 8 week course of Vit D and told to purchase it myself afterwards. I'm not convinced the symptoms I've been experiencing are just due to lack of Vitamin D.

So I've sought out Dr Chapman who I'll be seeing tomorrow. I can't face suffering anymore and thought it's time to bite the bullet and spend the money. I'm so looking forward to being taken seriously and to, hopefully, finally getting to the bottom of this thyroid misery! Wish me luck!

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  • I would take some magnesium citrate supplement at the same time as vitamin D as this deficiency can lead to low levels of magnesium as well as calcium. Calcium deficiency will not recover if magnesium is low and magnesium blood tests are not reliable. Alternatively you could use Calcium Magnesium Citrate and kill two birds with one stone (assuming your calcium is low).

  • Luby, vitD deficiency can cause considerable joint and bone pain. It's a bit naff to tell you to self supplement after 8 weeks without retesting though. Low ferritin can also cause bone pain so it may be worth getting it tested along with B12 and folate which can all be low in hypothyroid patients.

    Gluten-free diet may help with IBS symptoms. Have you had thyroid antibodies tested to check whether you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's)? I hope your consultation goes well.

  • What dose of vitamin D were you prescribed? And what kind of vitamin D is it?

  • Hi Clutter. Gosh I've never had my antibodies tested, the GP refuses to do anything bar T4 and TSH despite my many pleas! I'm hoping Dr Chapman will test for these. I agree it's naff to tell you that I should self medicate after the 8 weeks and not test my Vit D levels. I'm sick of NHS doctors.

    HumanBean - I wasprescribed 40,000 IU to be taken once a week for 8 weeks. The brand/type is HUxD3, on the box it says Vitamin D3 500mcg.

  • Ah, that's rather good! Lots of people who are deficient write in having been prescribed 400 iU or 800 iU per day which is just a drop in the ocean.

    Don't forget to take your vit D with a fatty meal. It helps your body to absorb it.

  • Humanbean, thanks I had no idea that I was supposed to take them with fatty food. The boots pharmacist assured me they could be taken alone at any time of the day....!

  • Luby, I can describe my experience which is the case for some of us but far from all of us. I was identified as hypo some years ago. I was given thyroxin (T4) but it made no difference. They increased the dose over a period of more than 2 years but the symptoms remained. I could walk about 500m before I was exhausted and to turn back. Eventually at the highest dose and TSH at 0.05 they agreed it was not working and I was referred to private endo. He agreed to add some T3 to my T4 and my head cleared and I had a 20% improvement in energy. I knew we were in to simething as I could think again after 4 years! I read Paul Robinson's book and persuaded the endo to let me try T3 only. Within 3 days the change was significant, within 2 months I was a different person, within another year I climbed 3,000ft mountain in the Lake District. It seems some us can't convert T4 to T3, so TSH looks fine but we are still very poorly. Not the case for everyone but it worked for me. There can be lots of things - vitamins, leaky gut (not absorbing things properly), adrenal function (cortisol) so there is a lot to check before you know for sure what the problem is and how to fix it. 'Recovering on T3' by Paul is worth reading. Just a thought!

  • Thanks T3sorted me. I saw Dr Chapman today, he was great & I'm being checked for a lot of stuff my GP wouldn't consider. I'll check out the recommended reading!

  • Dear Luby, do you mind sharing your experience with me in the private chat?

    I really need a qualified endo in London and was considering doctor Chapman, however, on his webpage it is said he is a GP.

    How was your visit?

  • Hi Moko8

    Sure, I'll PM you.

  • Hi Luby, Thanks for sharing your valued experience and would you mind pm me regarding your visit with Dr Chapman? ..I take it he is a private endocrinologist ? Did your GP refer ?

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