Should I push to see an endo

After problems with my previous useless doc I have been to see the head of the practice. First time I saw him he was brilliant, told me that as I had hashis I should be under the care of the hospital, that he wanted to investigate the fact that I have a tender swollen goitre and ordered loads of bloods to be done, just been back to see him and he has turned into a different doctor! Told me that they dont normally send people to an endo if they have hypothyroidism only hyper. When I asked about the lump in my neck he sai he would refer me to an ear, nose and throat surgeon. His advice... its either a case of live with it or take it out! I feel like im losing it :-( am I being unreasonable? Do I need to see an endo? Should I just accept that this is how im going to feel for the rest of my life and just accept it? Sorry to rant but ive had enough of getting the run around and nothing getting better

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  • Scottishkitty, what thyroid tests did the GP order and what were the results (with lab ref ranges please). Are you on Levothyroxine? Optimal dosing with Levothyroxine often shrinks a goiter after a few months. Have you had an ultrasound scan to check the size and condition of the goiter and whether there are nodules? Your GP can order a scan and should refer you to an endo for further investigation if suspicious nodules are found.

    Your GP is misleading you by suggesting you have the option to have the goiter removed unless it is affecting your breathing and swallowing or there are suspicious nodules. Thyroidectomy is a last resort.

  • As he has changed so much, you are better off without him.

    Ask to be referred to the ENT and he may be a bit more sympathetic. At least you will have your throat properly examined. Clutter's given good advice, the last resort is the removal of your thyroid gland.

    Most of the members on this forum have had to find our way through to a maze and have been successful. Get a copy of your most recent blood test results and post on a new question for members' comments.

    After the diagnosis of hashimotos, were your prescribed levothyroxine?

  • Thanks shaws and clutter x I was diagnosed hypothyroid first and put on 25mg levo, then 50mg. As I was still feeling terrible I asked the doctor to test me for antibodies (thanks to this site :-))

  • As you now have hashi's then you may well need a rise in medication. 50mcg is not very high. Hashimotos is not pleasant but it is good you are on medication at least. This link is helpful:!auth...

  • This is a link which has lots of useful info and other topics at the top of the page. If you go to the date November 28, 2003 re a low dose of thyroid hormones.

    i.e. synthroid is the USA levo.

  • Have you had your mineral and vitamin status checked? It would be a good idea to have serum iron, ferritin, vitamin B12, vitamin D and folate checked. Get the results including reference ranges and post them here. Your GP should agree to do these.

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