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Dr said my thyroid is a little low, but nothing to be worried about? Can someone help me interpret my lab results?

I got my thyroid tested about a month ago and my Dr told me that my thyroid is a bit low, but nothing to be concerned about. I don't understand why didn't he give me any details on my results because I AM WORRIED. Can anyone reassure me on my lab results? Can you guys explain to me if I have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism? If I have a underactive Thyroid shouldn't I be overweight? In reality it's VERY hard for me to gain weight.

My TSH : 2.736 RANGE :0.4 - 4.2

FREE T4: 1.11 0.7 - 1.53

FREE T3: 2.14 2.3 - 4.2

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Hi there,

The active hormone which is your FT3 result is below range. This means you are indeed hypothyroid.

How do you feel?

Usually when the FT3 is low in range or below range the TSH result would be above range. Yours is mid range which is a bit odd.

TSH is a pituitary hormone which signals the thyroid gland to produce T4. Yours is clearly not signalling properly at all. This could indicate central hypothyroidism meaning your pituitary gland is not functioning well.

Do you have any symptoms?

I am central hypothyroid so this really should be investigated by an endocrinologist to ascertain a correct diagnosis.

The other possibility is that you are under the weather and your thyroid has gone a bit wonky and bloods should be repeated in about 3 months time.

Either way you need a second opinion.x


Thank you I will see my general practitioner sometime later this year. Well I am not feeling sick at this moment, but I do have other health problems as well. I will take another blood test again also later this year because it's expensive lol. What are the symptoms of Hypothyroidism?


Forget to mention. Being underweight can be a sign of hypothyroidism. Some people lacking in thyroxine (hypo) are just surviving on adrenaline hence the inability to put weight on.


I'm 5'3 I weigh 125


Hi kawaii - welcome to the forum -

Although your TSH & FT4 results are within the reference ranges, most folk seem to feel better with TSH around 1 & FT4 higher in range.

As joesmum points out your FT3 is below range indicating Thyroid hormone is low/not available to use, we often see HypoT folk who are underweight & often adrenals kick in to compensate for low levels & deficiencies.

Please check vital (for life) nutrients/minerals iron, ferritin, folate & B12 - I think Vit D levels should be good in your location :) If low any of these can make you feel awful too. Also check if any medication you are on interferes with Thyroid function and please eat well! (my daughter cannot gain weight although she eats loads!)

Best of luck, J :D

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Yeah my weight fluctuates up and down often. I live on an island Vitamin D is everywhere lol. But the sun does make me feel fatigued sometimes especially if I haven't ate. Yeah I take iron and other vitamins. I try my best to eat as healthy as possible.


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