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Should I ask to see a specialist?

I have an underactive thryroid, diagnosed 3 years ago and am on 100mg thyroxine. I dont feel I have any confidence in my GP who treats the blood test results and not my symptoms which are awful to live with, loss of memory, consitpation, dry skin, depression, etc. Should I ask to see a specialist, and if I do, what treatment can I expect? Did it do any good?

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The first thing you can do is get a print-out of your latest thyroid gland blood tests from your GP complete with the ranges and post on another question so that people can comment upon them. Maybe you only need an increase in meds as some GP's insist on keeping the TSH within the 'normal' range.

You can have a private consultation with one of the doctors on Thyroiduk's list. There is also some NHS Endocrinologists too. If you email and ask for a list. She is unwell at present so it may be a few days before she is able to send it.

A private doctor will usually take your symptoms into account and maybe use the TSH is a tool.


Many thanks. I have asked my GP on numnerous occasions to increase my dosage, as I am def not well and feel he should treat the symptoms, not the blood test results. I will go and see him again and get a blood test done, as I am due another one. I will ask for the results (if I cna remember!) and post them. Also will email Louise for a list. Do you think it would do any good to see an endrocrinologist, as I have heard that they only deal with overactive?


I felt awful under the supervision of my GP who kept me within THS ranges. However after being referred to a consultant, I now feel very well as he has allowed me to up my Levothyroxine to a dosage where my TSH is suppressed but my T3 is just within range. He says everyone is different & people function better at different levels. Ask your GP for a referral.


Hi Any good consultant of any discipline will treat the patients with consideration only of blood tests, However, you need to pick the endo yourself and not the GP`s choice.



Many thanks to Jackie and Gill for the answers. I will def ask my GP for a referral, but will need to do my homework on which specialist I ask to see. I am just fed up with feeling ill all the time!


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