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on my dose of 25mcg T3 taken twice daily (12.5 x2)

and 50mcg of levo taken at 6 am, I am feeling the best I have been in a long while, no more terrible head sweats or bad headaches, more energy and the fog is lifting.

my surgery will only test TSH, and that is their final word (they have asked lab for T4, but they never do it), so I am self medicating, and take ferritin, D3, selenium and B12 supplements.

I just wondered if anyone had any feed back about my doses etc, especially as I am doing this on my own, with T3 from mexico.

thanks for any feedback, Sue,

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If you feel good your dosing is fine. If you still have symptoms or you think there is still room for improvement you may need to increase your dose, perhaps cutting a T3 tab in half to increase your T3 to 37.5mcg daily. If you feel you need to have FT4 and FT3 results you can test privately. There's a list on the main TUK site.

If you post your TSH with lab ranges you may get better advice. You could also post any vit/mineral tests you had and how much you're supplementing.


thanks Clutter, I did get a test done but was nearly 2 years ago, I had it done privately, but can't really afford it now, I will keep this up as long as I am feeling ok and perhaps get a test later,

as you say there is room for changes to be made, so time will tell.


HI susie, you are entitled to a free nhs test every year, but TUK can get you a 24 hr urine test for less than 100squid which is better as it shows the t4 t3 conversion ratio which in my case was well over the top goalpost which the nhs labs are always moving. How much do you pay for your t3. Are u in UK.

Regards Dave


Hi Dave, I do get a test in the UK but they will only do TSH, I did have a private one a couple of years ago and that was about £100, I will probably have another one in the future, when I am sure as I can be of my dosing.

I get my T3 from Mexico, its very reasonable and has a good reputation.


Hi Sue, Yes u seem to have cracked it. Can u message me with the details of the Mexico Labs Pls cos I want 2 do same as u.. My Cardiologist has put me on 75 of levo which seems to have raised the 5am temperature from appalling to not too bad. By the way I have self diagnosed HASHIMOTOS . My cold sweats, groin to head are better but not totally alleviated, before t3 t4 combo did you get tactile sensations at night as if insects were crawling up your back or elsewhere, they call it formication..

What other symptoms have u got, it sounds to me as if you have not got as many as me, if u wikipedia hashis i got 90% of symptoms.

Love to hear from u asapp Kind regards DAVID.


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