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Would like to organise an autoimmune Thyroid meet up in Ireland. Anyone interested?

Hi, I'm near Dublin and would like to organise a meet up of folks living with autoimmune thyroid conditions and associated AI diseases. There must be a lot of us out there as AI Thyroid Disease is very prevalent in Ireland. We could maybe have folks in to chat to us about specific dietary and holistic approaches to wellness.

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I've pinned this for you so it will stay in view.. xxx

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Thanks Louise! x


I live in Dublin. I have had so little success with my Hashi's that I am now getting treatment from a doctor in the USA and I have learnt loads. Thanks.


Would you be interested in a meet up if one were arranged? I'd love to hear about what others have found helpful etc. Who have you been in contact with in the US?


Yes I would be interested. I have been working with a Dr David Clark who is a Functional Endocrinologist but he specializes in treating Hashimoto's Disease. So far we are doing some different immune system tests and I am going to be doing a 30 day repair diet (like Paleo but stricter). Thanks.


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