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Any doctors in Northern Ireland prescribing Natural Thyroid meds?

I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos and have been perscribed the usual levothyroxine. I had lived in the USA for a time and was able to get natural desiccated thyroid (ERFA). I had found a doctor about 10years a go who gave me a script for ARMOUR. But he was then disciplined ( for using a more matural approach to thyroid health) and I was unable to get any after that. I see quite a few UK folks able to get Natural thyroid prescriptions but I am in Northern Ireland and any GPS I find are fully against it. When taking the usual meds I feel worse than when I don’t take them. I have been avoiding my blood tests because I am worried what they will say. Does anyone here know of any Northern Ireland GPs who are a bit more open minded. I know there are some in Ireland but the drive and cost of the visit plus meds to too much for me at this time. My health is not the best because I don’t take any meds so need to do something soon. My current GP did some blood test that showed low iron, Vitmain D and B12 which are all needed for the meds to work but refused to supplement because I was still in range...albeit extremely close to the lower figure.

Cheers j

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With respect to B12, I urge you to post over on the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum:


I recall several negative comments about the possibility of getting desiccated thyroid, or liothyronine (T3), in Northern Ireland.

As you have experience of desiccated thyroid, perhaps you need to consider buying your own from abroad?


In the UK it's pretty much impossible to get NDT on the NHS. I think there may have been one or two people in the forum in the 4 years I've been here.

Most people you hear mention NDT are self medicating. Sometimes you can find a private doctor to support it, but even they are very thin on the ground.


you don't need an endo or specialist but what you do need is a private test for ft3. Look up medichecks, an online service. you will have to do regular tests once a month at first to make sure your ft3 is in the top 75 % as that is where most people feel better. You can buy a very reputable product called Thyrogold on the internet. Tammy lowe is Dr lowes wife who has carried on his business. Look him uo he made this product which has got all hormones intact but he cannot say how much t4 and t3 are in it or he would have to sell it as adrug only available on prescription. 150mg is 50 levothyroxine. It is about £30 per month if you take equivalent to 100 levothyroxine. You can look at the website and email Tammy who is really helpful. You have to buy 2 bottles but if you don't get on with it she will take one back if unopened. You have to do the tests regularly if stable. Another similar one is Metavive 11 which is the same as thyrogold but is in the uk. It can be found on natural choices website and costs less than thyrogold


I went to the natural choices site and see they also have metaviv IV which is bovine 65mg..what would that equate to...I am supposed to be on 200 levo.



Freewayz, if you're thinking about self medicating I suggest reading the forum for a couple of months as there is excellent advice available for how to do it. When you're ready to buy make a new thread asking people to private message you their sources (it's against the forum rules to discuss sources in public messages).

The easiest starting point is probably to return to what you were taking in the USA. Several US brands are popular, so are Thai brands which are quite a bit cheaper.


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