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Would like to consider natural thyroid replacement

Hi all,

I have been considering going down the natural therapy route and am asking the experts on information on how to start this please. I am a total novice and need as much information as possible in to the pros and cons as everything I have read so far appears so contradictory and seems to just be promoting their own product. The reason I am considering this is that I hate being on prescribed medication that causes as many side effects as the actual thyroid problem itself.

I have an under active thyroid am currently taking 150mg of Levo and have Hashimotos and have been on a gluten free diet since May.

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Do you mean NDT, like Armour, Thyroid S, etc.? They're not as natural as all that, you know. The hormone is from pig thyroid, but the tablet still has to have fillers, or it couldn't be a tablet. And, it's often the fillers that cause the problems, rather than the hormone itself. I certainly wouldn't say that levo has as many side-effects as the disease has symptoms! And, there are lots of brands of levo, all with different fillers. Why not try a different brand?

It could also be that you're still under-medicated. 150 mcg is not a huge dose. And, nothing is going to make you better if you don't take enough of it.

However, if you are determined to try NDT, first make sure all your nutrients are optimal, because NDT can make you feel worse, if your nutrients are low. Get your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested for starters, and let's have a look at your results. :)


I am no expert, neither am I medically qualified. However, I had the same difficulties many have when diagnosed and prescribed. I also tried several different NDTs.

1gr NDT is approx 100mcg of levo and you can switch from one to another straight away. However I'd start on 1 grain and after two weeks increase by 1/4 and every two weeks thereafter. You should also take your temp/pulse before beginning and several times a day when increasing dose. If either goes too high you are taking too much and drop to previous dose. Be mindful of your clinical symptoms and as they resolve and you feel well you are on an optimal dose. Stay on that dose. If symptoms return get a blood test and increase by 1/4 etc.

I've always taken my doses once daily i.e. when I get up with one full glass of water. Some split doses but that means you have to be careful that your stomach is empty and allow 2 to 3 hours after eating (digestion is slow) and for me I prefer one daily dose as I then have a free lifestyle not regulated by when my next dose is due.

The following may be helpful.



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NDT is also prescription only in the UK but as it is not licensed for UK use it isn't available on NHS and you will need a private prescription or will have to buy online without prescription.

The only 'natural' thing about NDT is that the T4 and T3 are derived from pig thyroid. The other ingredients and processes of forming it into tablets are the same as producing Levothyroxine and any other tablet medication.


Thank you for your reply I will speak to my G.P. about alternative options. Before starting Levo I had thick health hair which falls out regularly now must have lost a 3rd of it and my scalp constantly itches I also struggle with extreme heat or cold and most recently hand and wrist cramp.

It seems the longer I'm on levo the more symptoms I appear to be getting.



Hi Netty46

Have you tried NDT and did it help? Thanks


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