I'm setting up a support group in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Anyone interested in meeting up for get together with fellow thyroid sufferers?

I can't see there is an existing support group and wanted to meet up with fellow thyroid sufferers for a coffee and a moan. I just know sometimes I feel alone with these symptoms and it would be nice to swap stores and info.

If anyone is interested can you let me know and we can set something up :-)


Claire :-) x

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I'd love to go to a group.. I unfortunately live in cobham.. If it was closer I'd def be coming along.. It's only 1 & half hour drive so could maybe come once a month?

Would Winchester be any closer? I'm thinking of doing it every month :-) x

There's due to be one happening in Basingstoke some time so that's nearer for you.

Hi I live in Poole and I would be interested in joinng any group in the area

Hi Barbara, that's fantastic. Would you be ok coming to Salisbury? Trying to see where the best place would be to meet. X

I'm not local but a fellow sufferer and I have recently set up a group. I felt very isolated and put out a request and we met up and then invited others. Its good to talk and I wish you well so anyone out there in and

around Salisbury do consider joining up. You may have more to offer than you realise. And you may well pick up some good advice

Thanks silverfox7, I'm glad your meet up went well. I think its a condition which people don't understand unless you have it, so to talk with people who are going through similar things would be fab. Thanks for your encouragement x

hi I live near Tisbury and would like to meet up.

Hi! That's great. Would Salisbury be easy for you to get to? X

Salisbury would be ok its about 35 mins

Brilliant, I'll get back to you in a bit Rosina x


I am about an hour away and I'd love to come.

Hi! Fantastic! Can I ask an hr in which direction so I can try and find a middle point. You can PM me if ya like. X

I'm near Sherborne but I'm fine to come to Salisbury if that's best place. X

That's great Girl66, I'll get back to you shortly x

Hi, I'm in Southampton, I would also be interested.

Hi Simone, excellent, I'll get back to you soon x


I live just outside Salisbury, so Salisbury would be ideal.

Omg I thought I was alone in Salisbury! Would love to meet for a coffee and moan. Really looking for help and ideas as not getting either from drs.

hi how are you getting on with setting up a meeting ,have you worked out where its going to be yet .Rosina x

Hi has anything more happened in this please ??

Hi is anything happening about a meeting please?

Just adding to this thread.

I'm organising a meeting this Thursday in Salisbury. If anyone is interested pls message me and I'll add you to our thread.

I would be interested but can't do Thursdays. I am in Bournemouth and happy to drive. But because of work I am only free Wednesdays, evenings, weekends.

I would love to join group.


I know I'm a little late here! But did you start a Salisbury Group? Do you have any details? I live near Andover so could go to either Winchester/Basingstoke/Newbury, if anyone knows of any? Thank you.

Angela x

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