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Thyroid Specialist in Northern Ireland?

Would anyone please know of any thyroid specialists in northern Ireland I have been self medicating with ndt armour for a few months now but I just want to check everything is ok

I have spent hours on my laptop lookin for someone but I cant find a thing any help would be greatly appreciated thank you x

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Hi Maggie69 - if you drop Louise an email on, she can send you the recommended doctors list - hopefully there will be one in northern Ireland :) xx


Hi thanks clarebear I did ask Louise a few weeks ago and the only one is over 150 miles from me :(( I rang and his secretary was a cheeky cheeky b---h and won't give me time to explain anything x I came off the phone in floods of tears :((


Hi Maggie - I am also from Northern Ireland and had also been asking about a good endo in Northern Ireland. Years ago I went to a Dr Hadden in Belfast but he has since retired and anyway he was useless. If you do find someone Maggie please let me know as well. I would prefer not to have to go through my own gp. I guess the endo who was recommended through this site is the one in Dublin but that is too far away for me as well.


Oh that is a shame :(

Just wondering if you might get more replies if you put Northern Ireland in the title of your question. Not sure if you can edit it yourself, but if you would like me to then let me know, as I have editing super-powers :)



Oh please clarebear I would really appreciate that ( I'm not very good on the Internet ) thank u so much x


Done :) Hope you get some helpful answers. xx

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Brill thank u x


Hi Maggie, sadly, I'm not sure if there are any good thyroid specialists in Northern Ireland! If you do find one please let us know.

I'm hypothyroid on 125 mcgs Thyroxine and being investigated by GP for terrible symptoms of fatigue and sleep problems. This has been going on for approx 2 years now and I'm having cardiac and respiratory investigations and all coming back within normal range. About a year ago 'I asked' my GP for USS of thyroid and a small nodule was found. At this stage I was referred to an endocrinologist in Antrim who felt he/she didn't need to see me, but just advised my GP over the phone to increase my thyroxine to 125 mcgs !!!

Over this past year and since finding this fantastic forum, I have 'persuaded' by GP to do FT3 and FT4 tests, as before only TSH done. I also asked for reverse T3. GP said he had never heard of this but would check with lab. He checked with RVH labs (main endocrine centre in NI!!!) and apparently was told they didn't do reverse T3 levels!

Discussed private endo appointment a few months ago with GP and was advised to "save my money"!!!

Sorry if I seem a bit negative and I know this is not what you want to hear, but I have not had much success or good news stories about endos in this part of the country. I think like everything else, its great if you're well and things are all as they should be, however it's only when you become ill and need specialist help that you see just what the service is like (I have been hypothyroid for 17 years and until recently have been fairly well).

Maggie, I notice that you are on ndt, I would be interested in knowing if you had trouble getting this prescribed? If you can, would you mind please sending me a private message if you are able to share with me name/location of GP?

Many thanks, I hope you get sorted and that you do find somebody wonderful in Northern Ireland or elsewhere, please let us know how you get on x


Did you manage to find a specialist in Northern Ireland that could help you?


I Would be interested to find out if you found a specialist in N I, we seem to be under represented. I wonder how many have hyper/hypothyroidism here in N I, we are a very silent group!


I'm looking for a hypothyroid specialist who will consider testing reverse t3, free T3, free T4, adrenal, iron tests and will think of prescribing Armour or synthetic armour thyroid.

I saw a specialist a few years ago and he upped my levothyroxine and told me to lose weight.

I didn't tell him what I thought of that!!!


Hi Maggie, did you ever find anyone? I'm in the same boat and finding it all hopeless and frustrating! I live in Dublin but would happily go up North. I've had consultants who are dismissive, made me cry with unkind comments about my weight and trying for children. I can't find an Endo that really knows about Graves. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I've just found this site and was wondering if anyone had any luck here in northern Ireland?? Failing that, for those that are self medicating, how have you worked out the amount of ndt to take and where can I get it from?




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