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todays appointment

well seems like I am not getting anywhere.despite having hair loss in brows and armpits said it wasn't thyroid even tho I can feel enlargement and tightness.i gave him a list of things I wanted to ask/discuss including lupus symptoms,weight loss etc .he looked at my scalp and (this is not thyroid but will write it anyway)and said its follicular somethign ?I said you ve treated me fro scalp condition.,facial and hand rashes and nasal sores but dont link them.thye are symptoms of lupus .his response was they could be a number of things.when I got outside I thought if it could be a numbe rof things why don't you make a definite diagnosis?he also told me he had been discussing me at their meetings.i also mentioned again that my dogs behaviour and he said what are they doing told him they cry when I go out,rubbing their heads against my legs(groin),annie constantly paws me and never lets me sleep.he said you told me about Babs and who was she .so told him and also what she has said to me (RIP lovely Babs).and I have to go back in a montsh time.he has arranged another blood test fro bladder btu didnt give me an answer as to why there was protein in my urine.

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The things your dogs are doing are all normal, it's mostly attention seeking behavior.


I disagree-it is NOT normal behaviour -as do several other people who have dogs are not attention seeking.i know my dogs and they sense it.its known that dogs sense when their owners are ill or becoming ill


I think my TSH was 3.32 .that's the only test done.


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