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Hi all, I went to see my endocrinologist yesterday, I shouldn't of bothered springs to mind, he just shot me down in flames and poor pooed my T4 results of 3.3 as normal and my thyroid working perfectly fine on 50mcg of levothyroxine, I give him my printed out leaflet from thyroid UK and that was just met with oh you been on the Internet? don't do that!! The list of symptoms that I was still experiencing was I was depressed and it was my age and menopause that was causing these symptoms and my carpet tunnel was arthritis!! i should go to my gp for antidepressants!!! I queried my vitamin b12 been very low at 190 he said it was still ok and didn't need any supplements, also asked him to check my T3 and he said ok but itl be alright I can assure you, what a plonker!! can anyone advise me on what supplements and suppliers I can obtain to try and get myself feeling any better thanks.

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  • I've not got as far as an endo but everybody keeps telling me to not read stuff. Despite the facts being there that I don't feel great. If I didn't read on stuff I'd never know that I need to get things checked.

  • 😖😖😖 This makes me so cross !

    I've had much the same experience but with a great deal more polite lady !

    I used my Insurance and wish I hadn't as I got more caring (albeit with no further results) in an NHS clinic a week later !!!

    Oh they just love the let's call it anxiety/depression/etc and that gets it off our hands .....back to the GP !

    Does no one think outside the box !!!

    Let me guess "your bloods are are within normal range" I can trace my Hashi Hypo back about 40 years when I had a goitre. All made worse 8 years later post partum ......will anyone listen ....you know the answer !

    I've just read a very detailed report on this site about the dangers of low Vit B12 ! I'm going to ask for a test ......this should be fun 🙄

  • Thanks tganks for your reply Yes they treat us like idiots don't they.. but I'm not happy with my level if vitamin b12 so I'm going to find a supplement to take the fight goes on !!

  • If you are going to supplement with B12 it should be methylcobalamin sublingual. Usually our stomachs are compromised due to low acid so sublingual B12 is absorbed by our tongue.

  • If you want advice on your levels, post your results. With the ranges, of course. :)

  • Hi I have just posted my blood test results:)

  • It is disgraceful that someone who is supposed to be educated and knowledgeable puts down the poor patient who has been hoping that, at last, she will be seeing someone who is knowledgeable, helpful, sympathetic.

    Doingit Yourself is your best bet. At least you will know what suits you and what makes you well with support of members, most who've been in a similar situation.

  • Yes I'm going to, looks like il have to take control of my own health,can you recommend a good vitamin b12 that is used regularly by any members on HU, that I can purchase online or at a health shop?

  • I have found that some health shops don't stock sublingual methylcobalamin B12. I have found that Amazon has a number of them. Also if you do use Amazone Affiliate, Thyroiduk.org.uk get a very small sum towards their expenses. You can use the Affiliate for anything you get from Amazon.


  • Hi, my nutritionist who used to be a GP recommends B12 levels of 520 for a woman my age (60).

    I am taking Biocare Folate B12 on his recommendation. He says NHS B12 levels are low. His advice is inject is best followed by, Biocare if can't get injections and thirdly sublingual.

    I have recently sent off private bloods for fiull thyroid check as GP won't do more than FSH.I have been ill for over a year. The private nurse who took bloods immediately said your symptoms are classic thyroid!!!!!!!!

  • Sorry meant to sayBiocare IntrinsiB12/Folate. I get it from Natural Dispensary in Stroud, Glos.

  • Hi yes thanks for your reply sallieLynne, I've ordered some vitamin B12 sublingual from amazon as HU get a bit of money for members using there site it's coming today in the liquid form placed under the tongue so fingers crossed il not feel so ill in a little while, I've been thinking of going to a nutritanalist for a while as i feel badly let down by the NHS doctors are they expensive? 😊

  • Grrr..what a zero-empathy medsplaining gaslighting incompetent quack!!..Have only that fun with GPs so far - which is the reason I haven't been back for over a year even though I have a goitre that I know needs further investigation..Can you please PM me the name of your endoprat so I can avoid, if you wouldn't mind...

    Re your B12: The standard B12 tests are unreliable (better at measuring the b12 circulating in your blood than in your cells), The Active B12 test gives a more accurate picture, but you're highly unlikely to get it on the NHS. It costs around £69 to have it done privately - makes me V angry that we can't get these NECESSITIES on the NHS, but for now that's how it is :(

    Methylcobalamin is the best absorbed form (as you may know, but telling you just in case x), sublingual tablet as you say, or spray - haven't tried any of the sprays yet, but have read that they're the next best thing to an b12 injection.

    Hope I've been a bit helpful x

    PS Nearly forgot to say..I was misdiagnosed with peri-menopause at 41, as being the primary cause of my symptoms. Just before I turned 45 found out the true culprit was my faulty autoimmune system and thyroid! There's doubtless 1000s like us in the UK - and how many million worldwide?? Make me bleeping furious!

    Due to lack of ££ haven't had much treatment but thanks to ThyroidUK etc at least I'm much better informed!

  • There way we are treated is shocking and deplorable! If they treated us properly the NHS would save millions - we wouldn't be having useless medicines and 'treatments' foisted on us. The best we can do is educate ourselves, keep talking to each other, and keep on fighting! I feel like a suffragette now. It all makes me so angry. I have recently been on the receiving end of a GP who said my levels are fine, have sleeping pills or talking therapy instead. I managed to restrain my self. Next time I will tell him to FOCUS- F*** Off Cos U're Stupid! I hope no one's offended.

  • Oh How much are they being paid to talk out of their back side

    Nice work if you csn get it

    This kind and generous forum is where you will find help

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