sick of people who are supposed to be your friends and family and cannot trust any of them.brother says the dr must be right cos bloods are within range and says what is the point of showing photos if he cant feel anyhtign .doesnt get that he is saying that to protect himself.once again dr dismisses symptoms saying "I cant feel anything"when told him of lumps under jaw and enlarged thyroid,.this has gone on fro three years and cannot cope anymore,why is it my dogs who are the only ones who know (and forum friends)?it s not just lumps it s weight loss hoarseness tightening of neck difficulty swallowing skin rashes hair loss lank hair swellign of calves in relation to thyroid(linked to gallbaldder op) and scalp condition nasal sores discolouration and swelling round eyes,facial rash, sores on hands ,related to lupus

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  • I know it probably isn't all that helpful a remark but isn't it a shame we can't just pay and go to the vet! Life is so much easier when dealing with pets and vets.

    Funnily enough, when I feel ill my cat always comes and lies on the bed with me, he never does that if I am just having a lie in yet as soon as I am poorly there he is. We call him the sick visitor because that's just what he is like. He doesn't whinge for food or attention either like he would if I was just lazing around.

    Good luck with your doctor and with your relatives.

    (((( big hugs))))

  • hi there funny you are not the first person to say that,i would probably get better treatment if I went to a vet.my Annie hasn't left my side for months -she always sleeps on my bed with me and wants to nestle up behind me on my chair.my buster is always whining cos he wants his food outside in the garden and fro me to be there with him and I hear him whining to be let out once annie has woken me up.i am at my wits end now.,

    maybe I should change my name to nutcase cos thats what my dr thinks I am.

  • Yeah, well. In my Grandad's generation, many men had missing limbs because of war and industrial accidents. He had one leg. So if the statistically normal range of legs of that generation was between 1 and 2, would you consider yourself well off with 1.7 legs? The "normal ranges" are 1) not a normal distribution., but skewed with more result at the bottom end, by far (but I don't think GPs or relatives learn stats) and 2) they contain results from people who weren't healthy.

    TSH isn't even a thyroid hormone. Sheeple.

  • OMG I'd give anything to have lost a leg in an accident. Now I don't want to diss those who have been in war and exerienced their friend getting killed and their leg getting blown off but... we were watching Harry's South Pole Challenge, where those taking part had lost limbs in Afghanistan. Clearly fit healthy fitness types otherwise. There is no way on earth somebody with ME/CFS, Hypothyroidism and migraines could do that! Pushing myself is the worst I can do an that's in every day life not some arduous undertaking. It's like they've gone through getting their vehicle blown up and experienced tragedy and major injury, so they've got something to prove. Whereas my grit and determination comes in to do with deciding about putting in one last solid month to give Buteyko breathing my my all. Favouritism vendor km eBay who sells D-ribose and l-carnitine. Phoning for advice about adapting to desperately, looking up about so purifiers.

    Of course mother in law said "you can tell that hurts" during certain scenes of tv programme. Or when a neighbour was ill in bed with Parkinson's, that was legitimate, but I couldn't have been that ill when I was in that position. She will ask how my Dad is, who is on medication for starts of dementia. But she never asks me how I am beyond greeting.

    Then there is my ignorant sister in law. I won't even go there...

    I recall somebody we know saying "thyroid is the easiest thing in the world to treat" such comments colour the views of your st family or husband. Or when a family member mistakes you saying liothyronine for "don't you mean levothyroxine cos that's what I'm on".

  • You are so right - I've had underactive thyroid for 12 years. I felt weak, inadequate, a failure, a rubbish mother, useless wife etc. contemplated suicide when symptoms were too severe. Now, I realise I deserve the highest medal ever for grit and determination and faith that things will improve. I also went through menopause which amplified neurotic symptoms. I am slowly getting there.

  • Just to say you have my heartfelt empathy on all counts. Am awaiting appointment with endocrinologist in May (:\) re result of DIO2 gene test showing T4-T3 conversion problems. Hoping he (it is a he) will prescribe trial of T3 in addition to the T4 I'm on.

  • "Thyroid easiest thing in the world to treat".......... I was guilty of that Fiona. That's the way it is portrayed though.

    I was astounded that when I thought I was going to die, collapsing etc.....it was my hypo/Hashi. Hmmmm not so easy. ;) x

  • Admittedly you do seem to get those who are happy with 100 Levothyroxine, but the rest of us, have been in situations where thought we were dying. Certainly at my worst, I was in bed , out of bed doing two ten mins tasks a day. I'd often wake up surprised I was still here. Or I'd fall asleep for a couple of hours to be amazed I'd woken up again. I feel ill today but I shouldn't complain as it's nothing like that.

  • All I can say is do not confide in family and do not talk about it to them, I had the same problem with my sister, she said much the same. You cannot rely on doctors to manage your illness, you have to do it yourself, you are the one who takes the tablets and adjusts your lifestyle accordingly NOT the doctor!!

  • well said - you are so right

  • its gp who prescribes meds?can buy them any othe rway if dr wont confirm hypothyroid

  • if TSH is not a thyroid hormone why is it used for testing?what if the dr s dismiss my symptoms -the same as others who get diagnosed from the same sympotms?

  • TSH is a hormone released by the pituitary gland in response to perceived need for the thyroid to get cracking producing its own hormone supply i.e. T1, T2, T3, T4 & calcitonin. It's called a feedback loop - if anyone would like to expand on this and explain why TSH is not an accurate predictor of thyroid status then please do as I haven't enough in-depth knowledge to explain this.

  • I am sorry you're having such a rough time - would a new GP make a difference? I worked my way through seven GPs before I gave up on them!

    I had much the same response from a former friend who was a doctor that you're getting - she just couldn't see how much I struggled every day, how there were times I could barely speak because of a swollen tongue, how deep my voice was, how I appeared to fall asleep in the middle of a sentence (eyes closing, head drooping, no reactions). The last straw was the comments made after the wonderful Dr S got me back in the land of the living!

    Hang on in there - I can only commiserate but others here have a lot of helpful knowledge.

  • I was in the Doctor's surgery with these symptoms in 2003. I had my eyes half-closed, skin tinged yellow, goitre sticking out of my neck. My legs were crossed - so he slapped my leg off the other one and told me because it was January I had flu and to go home ?? beat that

  • problem of seeing other gps in the same surgery allahve access to my notes and have a feelignmy gp has written something to tell others not to do stuff without his consent as i enquired about costs of gettign copies of my notes and receptionist went thru him.gp said if it snothign "sinister"?? -told him it was fro dla/pip

    also have drafted another letter to gp re experience with rheumy on monday and once again expressing my concerns about myself and responses to his comments ie "reassuring opinions?"-what are they-not had any when got comments like "wear make up" "it s your stomach" or nothing at all .should I send it?so there is a record on my history atht I am refused referrals to consultants

    slept most of today cos so tired and weak and still have persistent pelvic pain see female gp (re results of swabs)and pelvic pain or will this offend my gp anymore?she did say she would phone me if any concern=swollen tongue = thyroid?

  • Regarding your letter to your GP, did you read yesterday's posting headed "Handy tips for dealing with ignorant GPs"? Have a look at that first and, if you feel you can, share your letter with health unlocked as a new posting, asking for assistance, before sending it. I agree, you do need to put something on your medical record.

  • If you feel ill - you are ill. The Docs stick rigidly to the test results and cannot understand tsh. I have been underactive since 2002 and only the other day my niece expressed surprise when I told her I was ill. I stay on the couch on bad days. When I'm having good days I am out - so people think you're ok. I described my low moods and high moods to a cousin and he replied I was a manic depressive. Worst thing - a friend who is a nurse wished she had hyperthyroid so she could be slimmer. I think to myself if only you could experience the symptoms for 1 day you would thank God you are healthy.

  • I asked my endo why I would need TSH when I have no thyroid - he threatened to discharge me...

  • hi have just read the above post from a year ago.today i felt like i was being strangled .my neck was so tight and i dont know what the lumps are i can feel.my dr hasnt given me any clues just says " I cant feel anything" despite my whole face being visibly swollen.someone said i should go to A&E but is that something viable to go to A&E for?i also have tightness and pressure against my ribs from ongoing problems and both are enough to stop me walking my dogs and need to rest.

  • I dont think going to a&e for an issue that has been going on for over a year is really warrented. Its Easter weekend they are extremely busy dealing with emergencies, maybe wait and bring it up at a regular gp appointment

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