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I went to my drs appt armed with printed out symptoms of lupus and thyroid and pics of my face,stomach and dogs (PICS OF DOGS AND HOW WORRIED THEY LOOK)but I didn't show on ok with him today but wouldnt have done if i brought up anythign else..appt was cos I was concerned they would not do op if I had nasal/throat problems etc .dr said everything was fine and they wouldn't not do the op unless I had a temperature.he asked when it was and I said Wednesday (15th).he asked if it was a day op -said yes-keyhole surgery unless there are any complications then it will mean a stay in fro few days.(hinting at stomach and that it is either a cyst or tumour-dont want it to be but need to prove to him cant just dismiss everything I have told him).then when i see him in sept I can say "I told you so"

after will definitely demand some answers re lupus,throat and thyroids and stomach.wnat something done to reduce swelling and bruising around nose/eyes. and to go over my unanswered questions

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  • Not quite sure what you are asking ? pics of dogs ? why would you be showing those to your GP ?

  • I know my dogs sense somethign is not right.their pic is of them with a worried look in their eyes.neither of them will leave my side.tehy are behaving different lately too.

  • Hi anbuma , I'm sorry you're feeling bad and worried about your op. I hope you don't mind me asking what your op is for? Is it linked to your thyroid, sorry I am just trying to get a clearer picture. I am hypo but don't know anything about lupus. I wish you well for Wednesday for your op xx

  • dont know whats happened here .this is an older post my op was back in august.went ok but don't know if my more swollen stomach is related to the op-no after care or follow up appt.

  • Hi anbuma

    Sorry for the confusion, I didn't realise that you already had your op. That is terrible that you have no after care or follow up. Can you make an appointment with your GP and ask that they look into this? I don't blame you for being worried. Maybe it would be a good idea to make an appointment with a different doctor in the surgery as it doesn't sound like you were comfortable enough to explain to that doctor about all of your concerns. My GP isn't very understanding and is quick to usher you out the door as soon as the time is up. I am currently looking for a new more understanding GP practise as I have tried all at my current surgery with no luck. When I go now I ask for a double appointment so that I can have the time to get all my concerns over. I too have a dog and understand where you are coming from, my boy is the same he won't leave my side especially when I am feeling worse, my GP isn't very animal minded so wouldn't really make a difference if I told him or not. I love the pic of your dog, so cute :-). Have you been diagnosed for a thyroid condition? Are you hypo, hyper, graves, hashimoto's? sending lots of hugs (((:)))

  • Hi,

    So sorry to hear about the time you've had. Please may I ask what op you had? And were your symptoms in that area related to your thyroid? I've been having stomach problems but testing not very thorough ... small part of bowel investigated and upper scope but bit in between been left and still pain and symptoms. My thyroid been monitored for over 3 years now with borderline low tsh but 90% symptomatic. I have history of thyroid problems, my mum had thyroid problems and she died of adrenal carsonoma, I've had two miscarriages and gone to the dr with my list of symptoms and those risks and still no treatment or proper referral .. i have an appt with someone who has a little history of endo but not a specialist as my gp didn't want to refer me to endo yet ?!? Left side pain really bad. :/ so frustrating!!

  • Hi dimdims37

    That is dreadful. I am so sorry to hear about your mum and your two miscarriages. It makes me so mad and so sad about how the Dr's treat people with thyroid problems. I wish they would go back to the old fashioned ways before the tsh blood testing and so many people wouldn't have to suffer so badly. I hope you get help from the person you are going to see, everyone deserves to feel well and get proper medical help. I really hope you get the help you deserve as soon as possible. sending lots of hugs ((())) and best wishes xx

  • Thank you so much for your encouraging words whackythryoid. I'm doing some further adrenal gland research online before my appt tomorrow. However, because she's not a specialist I hope that she will then refer me to one and do a adrenal function test at the same time, apparently the saliva test over 24 hours is the most accurate. Time is of the essence with these things but gps make it a waiting game. Thank you again :)

  • no my op was for gallbladder removal. i had IBS many years ago but don't believe I have it now-no bowel problems just swollen the same -he goes on bloods but wont acknowledge symptoms-so going on my symptoms I have some of lupus and left side pain is from protruding ribs on that side-and I cant sleep because of it.

  • Gosh, what a dreadful time you've had. I have protruding ribs on that side too, so maybe it's the ribs and not something inside. You have to push them on the symptoms. I wish I could afford to go private, they look at symptoms. Hope you get somewhere with the dr, I can't believe they don't listen to the symptoms, who would want to go on feeling like that. I hope you get further tests. All the best of luck

  • You have really been through the mill, I really feel for you. I struggled with thyroid symptoms for years, finally my bloods showed abnormal. Thanks to the help of my family I was lucky and seen a private doctor who knows his stuff. Do you think you could make an appointment to speak to the practise manager or even write to them with your concerns, they should then know how serious things are. good luck and best wishes

  • did this earlier on this year.had a chat with the PM and she spoke to dr and then said I cant se any problem.drs done eveythign he can for you.

    my throat feels like its been cut.stomach about to burst.

  • P.S please let us know how you get on xx

  • I also contacted PALS and my MP but got nowhere with them.might try PALS again or go back and see the female dr I have seen twice now on the ??(cant think of word I want)

    of my DR not having any available appts.

  • That is terrible. Would you consider changing your GP surgery? Maybe you would have some luck with a fresh start and a new doctor. It doesn't seem like they are willing to do any testing. If it gets really bad I think you should go to A and E x

  • hi changing surgeries is not an option as I did that a year after I moved here

    because the DR s at the first practice were crap.omly 2 practices in if ther eare ;locum drs and they are good then I ll see them

  • I was just watching the AT show on channel number 3, they had doctors on and were taking questions from viewers and said that they will be back next Wednesday to do the same, it might be worth a shot x

  • I had the appt with consultant physician today (not endo specialist but with some experience of working in endo) she said TSH WAS the best test for testing thyroid, I'm on low end at 0.something but she said it was in normal range and that was that. She implied I was there for weight problem!? - despite me taking a list of my risks for thyroid/adrenal and ALL my symptoms! And I said do you honestly think I'd be wasting anyone's time over weight I cannot shift?!!!!!!!!!!! If I felt healthy my weight gain and subsequent inability to lose weight wouldn't bother me, or at least my efforts of exercise and low calorie intake would make the difference that hasn't been working at all. What a waste of time and no further referral. After saying I would have to go private she said I'd be wasting my money and eventually agreed to test cortisol levels. So I'm going to have to look at going private but cannot afford it. What a joke!!!

  • That is sooo frustrating, I really feel for you. I know where you're coming from, going private is expensive, I've just been lucky that my family is helping me with the costs or I couldn't afford it either. At least she is going to test your cortisol levels. If I was you I would copy and paste your post and start a new post or question, as someone might be able to point you in the right direction. I really hope that you find some way of going private and getting help, sending lots of hug ((((()))) good luck xx

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