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next dr appointment

have written a few comments on his letter-but what else can I do?take my notebook I have kept since sept 2011 with diary of symptoms and of consultants appointments and what was said . a list of things I have told gp in last 2 -3 years yet hes dismissed.

should I ask -:

how come other s get diagnosed based on their symptoms and I get dismissed?lupus.costochondritis(?)thyroid. mentioned adrenals.

and they get T4 andT3 done as well as TSH.?

sero negative blood tests( for arthritis and lupus)

why do you not accept that i ahve lost weight as well as gained weight in different areas?

its an assumption that you say I have IBS as have never complained of any bowel problems-diarrheoa or constipation

rheumatologist dismissed the fact that I told him I didnt eat cakes biscuits snacks or puddings and only breakfast and a small meal.when he said I ahd gained 11 kgs(again not recognizing it is all abdominal despite me telling him that too)and that i needed to diet and i told him that the only way to lose it is to sort out my swollen stomach.

I owuld never have known i had gallstones if hadn't gone private.

you treated me for several months for nasal sores which kept coming back and |ENT said "its not sinuses" also have had puffiness and discolouration around eyes which have been what is it?

sjogrens lupus thyroid

you have said in the past "ITS YOUR STOMACH" "WEAR MAKE UP" "ITS A HEADACHE" and others have said "its indigestion" or "inflammation" which do not tell me anything and I wouldn't waste my or dr's time going to him for a headache or indigestion. when these are self treatable at home.

symptoms of skin rashes ,swelling ,swollen lip,tongue sores .scalp problems,facial rash.etc yet A&E dr s recognised these as symptoms

thinsg got worse in 2011 after 6 years of being fairly stable -weight symptoms =when dismissal started

don't need to see a psychiatrist -need drs to recognize and acknowledge and not dismiss

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Sorry you had no replies - it may be that your Question was missed, or that no one with relevant knowledge has spotted it yet... hopefully someone helpful will pick it up from Latest activity....




Hi anbuma, sorry to read you are so worried.As far as your worrying over OC-please be reassured by the scan you have just had.It showed no tumour mass,end of.If OC was there it WOULD show on a scan,no question of that,please try to put that worry aside.

Not to minimise your worries as regards swollen stomach but I have also had very similar,arms,legs,hips thighs all have lost inches but stomach is larger than it ever was.

I have been checked out like yourself on this and have accepted that it is age related weight re-distribution,the female body does change shape in this way as we get older.Forgive me I don't know how old you are but with the scan showing nothing and the changing shape swollen belly it could just be as simple as that.what do you think?

Inside organs also droop a little and can be felt thru stomach,also normal but causes pelvic ache,back aches.Strangely also I have a pertruding left ribcage,again slight curve in spine,again getting a bit older causing slight scoliosis,nothing too much to worry over.


Exactly this has happened to my mum too she has been down about it as has always been the same size clothes for years, in the last couple of years, all of her weight seems to have migrated to her middle, almost like a baby bump, yet her arms, legs and bottom and hips have gone much thinner. The Drs have said the same to her. She has lots of health complaints, but none are responsible for the tummy. That is just bad evolution at work! She also says it puts pressure on her lungs sometimes so she gets breathless, especially reaching down to tie shoes or similar, and when she exerts herself. Does that sound familiar?

I agree about the ovarian cancer fear. I've had a scare myself, and I was assured that the CA125 test coupled with ultrasound was a conclusive diagnosis. One or the other may in rare cases lead to misdiagnosis, but both negative at the same time would not happen if there were cancer there. I think if you can pay for your T3 test to be done privately, your mind will almost entirely be put at ease xx


it may be that weight is distributed in your mother s case but her total body weight is the same?mine has increased by 2 stone and is all abdominal. which is obvious drs aren't accepting or he wouldn't have said I am obese if he recongised that I have lost weight elsewhere suddenly on 3 separate occasions in 2 years


No, she. Has gained weight, around 7kg and is heavier than she's ever been. She is also 'obese' acording to her GP


is this general weight or specific area?


This is all abdominal, if anything she is thinner everywhere else, but her stomach protrudes. She is a size 12 but for her belly. For example size 10-12 maternity clothes would fit her because it is all abdominal like a baby bump. Being classed as obese has nothing to do with eating habits, it is a term used based on BMI which is a calculation of weight/height ratio. Just because your Dr has classed you as obese does not mean he is saying that you are greedy. I am currently classed as obese, the doctors are the first to recognise I can do little about my weight because of steroid and bipolar medication with renal odema. Nevertheless I am obese and need to lose weight irrespective of where it is or what has caused it x


no offence but he is saying "I overeat"?? im saying that I haven't eaten cakes bsicuits snacks or puddings for about 6 years and have cut out fried food as much as possible and eating more meat as well as fish and chicken which i already eat a lot of .therefore cannot "diet" by cutting out food and have changed my diet for better.if weight gain is the result of or linked to gallbladder op then its a medical problem


Hi anbuma, just to say re my earlier post like lipbaladdit's mum,My overall weight has increased also by about 9 kegs.I was always on skinnier bony side so am not considered overweight,but am certainly a lot heavier than I was. also very often our arms,legs thighs etc all lose the muscle tone which is really the underlying structure so when that happens as we get older the support from the muscles goes a bit therefore making limbs etc look more scrawny and thin.conversely the abdominal fat we all gain along with the lack of muscle tone in tummy area add to the pregnant look. Not saying your problem is that but it is very likely given nothing else untoward found after extensive tests you have had.


could gp explained this if that could be the problem?


I have found that they tend not to expand on anything unless asked directly! I usually say 'so,what do you think it is' or 'could it be this...' I can only speak for myself but it does give me a straight answer to a straight question which for me works best.


hi there ,someof what you say does sound familiar,i cannot bend down to pick things up etc and get chronic abdo pain when out with dogs -cannot do hills or rough ground. its down to my dr has never said anyhtign like that to me.not telling me anything other than "its your stomach" or "wear make up". had doubts about CA 125 cos it s now known to be unreliable-how can same tests be so different .gp says mine was at 105 then down to 37 in december but hospital recorded it as 15 in october and 14 in February.then someone said theirs was 2000 but didnt have OC.and so many have had oc /cysts and misdiagnosed as IBS which my gp was assuming I had when never complained of bowel probs.its also that in nov 2011 rheumy told me to diet as gained 11 kgs in 7 years and acted like it was general weight gain.when i told him it was all abdominal and couldn't diet as I didn't eta cakes biscuits snacks or puddings .fell on deaf ears.gaining 2 stone in one area ahs to be a reason and it s a solid mass.besides gp said I was also obese therefore implying that i overate .I walk up to 3 hours a day with my dogs.

they still need to consider symptoms as well as bloods. each to their own opinion but having skin rashes and swelling etc need to be .it sonly hospital dr that hasgiven me a diagnosis fro something ive had fro years


For a GP to tell a woman who is obviously suffering ill-health 'to wear make-up' as he cannot find a cause for her complaints, shows a complete lack of empathy. Does he think you like visiting the doctors so often.?


can anyone tell me if they agree if I should ask the questions stated?andif so whether I should ask each one or which to not ask.should i comment that he has not said anyhtign about my weight loss,swelling of legs,skin rashes etc and that it was not gp that discovered gallstones.thta in reply to his comment "you ahve seen various specialists and given a wide range of reassuring opinions" -not so-when dismissed weight loss,fact that I don't eat cakes etc as previously mentioned and always maintained and being told to diet and that am obese .that IBS comes and goes not there all the time as well as assumption


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