Nighttime hot flushes - hashimotos friendly remedy anyone?

Hi all, I have been taking a supplement made from flower pollen that completely eradicated my nighttime hot flushes and weird crawly feeling. I don't have night sweats but I do get releases legs. At 49, I assume this is hormonal and the supplement was aimed at female hormonal/ menopause symptoms. It seems to not be working so well now and I also see it contains rye grass extract so probably has some gluten which i avoid because of hashi. i am waking around 4-5 times a night with this awful hot, crawly,feeling. Can anyone reccomend a hashi friendly remedy? I know we are all different and what works for some wont always work for others. Also, my recent blood work showed a tsh of 0.35 so probably hot flushes not because of thyroid. I didn't have t3 or t4, etc tested. Many thanks.

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  • Yes!! Sage tablets! Really helped me, I buy them from eBay. This was before my GP said I should take Isoflavines and Black cohosh both of which contra indicate with Hypo!

  • I agree with Gillybean129, sage. I have to take two tablets which is twice the recommended doase at night but never released how much they helped until I ran out. I buy mine from Healthspan.

  • B12 for restless legs and are you sure they are hot flushes and not adrenal rushes. Do you wake up sweating or when they happen does it feel like an electric fire has just been switched on in your body which only last for a few minutes and then goes? I used to get the crawling thing as well, convinced that I had a spider crawling over me but dont get that anymore either.

    I suffer with the "electric fire" syndrome, or did, and since I have been on iron + vitc supplements, which are both very good for the adrenals, they are happening less and less. I am not saying you should take iron but maybe get it checked as it can be stressful on the adrenals if you are low.

    Moggie x

  • Hi there, I knw my ferritin at 45 is not optimal but I am trying to get it up with spatone. I take high vit c, b complex, magnesium, vit d and omega 3. All good brands and optimum dosages. I also have a lot f sea salt. Prob need to start meditating again for adrenals. I don't think the heat is adrenal. When I'm really stressed I get an adrenal tremour in my body which wakes me. This feels hormonal. Grrrrrrrr

  • Can only say that too low a dose, or too high a dose of thyroid meds makes hot flushes worse, so it's important to be on the right dose for you.

  • Tonic water is great for restless legs as it contains quinine. No suggestions for the hot flushes though. . .

  • As for the "weird crawly feeling" you mention - I'd ask to have a stool test to check for parasites (like blastocystis hominis which can be eradicated with a 7 day course of metronidazole antibiotic).

  • Probably not the same but I have noticed that if I eat later (after 8pm) I get night sweats but it doesn't happen if I eat before 7pm!

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