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Hot flushes and levoxthyrine

Hello. I am on levoxthyrine and also suffering horrendous night sweats and hot flushes due to menopause. What can I take to ease these symptoms that is compatible with levoxthyrine? My doctor said that soy works but then told me that I cannot take it with levoxthyrine and didn't give me any alternative advice. I am taking a daily sage tablet and starflower oil capsule which worked for a while but seems to have stopped working now. Anything else that I can try? I read that flaxseed works but then read conflicting information that this isn't compatible with levoxthyrine.

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My nutritionist keeps telling me to take 2 tablespoons of ground linseeds daily to help flush excess oestrogen out. I too suffer from menopause symptoms and take levo for Hashimoto’s. I wasn’t aware that it could interfere so I hope someone with more knowledge replies.

Have you got Hashimoto’s? I stopped taking starflower oil when I read Izabella Wentz’s book. Apparently an excess of omega 6’s can make Hashimoto’s worse.

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Why not try HRT? HRT tablets should be taken at least 4 hours away from Levothyroxine to avoid interaction but HRT transdermal patches shouldn't affect absorption at all.

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My doctor here in Spain won’t prescribe that to me either as there is a history of breast cancer in my family😒



Have a look through this thread to see if there are suitable alternatives to HRT healthunlocked.com/search/a...

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LinMid I think it's more about incompatibility with the thyroid, than with levothyroxine. I've read that flaxseed contains very large amounts of lignans and phytoestrogens, making it one of the most estrogenic foods around, which is a big problem for the thyroid as estrogens directly inhibit the proteolytic enzymes that allow the thyroid gland to release thyroid hormone.

If you can access the body of this study, you'll get the detail behind these findings: Chemical studies of phytoestrogens and related compounds in dietary supplements: flax and chaparral.



Get your B12 tested. Plus folate , ferritin and vitamin D

Low B12 can cause nightsweats


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