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Hot flushes - Thyriod or Menapause?

Hi All

I had been diagnosed as Fibromyalgic until I insisted on trying Levythyroxine after reading' From Fatigued to Fantastic'. Low and behold on the next blood test I was hypothyroid and my dose was increased. ( now on 100mcg) at about ther same time I was taken off of HRT due to migraines and immediately went into full menapause. Cessation of periods, Hotflushes and tummy enlargemnt!. Now am wondering if these symptoms are more to do with the thyroid than menopause or just a very unfortunate combimation of both. I get the hot flushes as day but worse at night

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Apologies for spelling errors LOL Brain Fog !


Try this for some answers

Moggie x


Thanks Moggie

very interesting

seems like an unfortunate combination of both then ! Do you have useful links for advise with the painful muscles and joints syndrome? makes it very difficut to be as active as i would like as am in pain even when not moving:( especially the hips and knees of course

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Hi Can be any hormonal problem, quite a few. However, thyroid problems much more common after the menopause. You certainly need tSH, T4 and Free T3 test, be sure to have a print out with results + ranges. An Oestrogen test too would be useful.Also the other common hormonal tests, D , Diabetes, B12 and foliates ( need to be high in range) iron/ferritin useful too, needs to be well in range, also ask when done for a %for absorption, NHS have to ask.

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