Started having hot flushes flashes

I am on 40mcg Levothyroxine, my latest results from Jan were T4 14.4 (12-22), TSH 1.73 (0.3-4.2). I haven't suffered from hot flushes since the menopause 8 years ago, I am now 58. But I am starting to have the odd hot flush for the last two weeks. Started as a quick one off, and slowly increased to having two yesterday, one during the night. They are mild and over quickly, just throw off the bedcovers for a few minutes and don't bother me but I am wondering if they are linked to over/under or T3 doses. I have never been tested for T3. I feel stiff/tight chested and it takes me a while to get up to speed when walking, have to walk along flat before increasing pace. I did fine last week at a new Fitsteps class but seemed to then start feeling this weird stiff chested feeling and the slightest small stress seems to have an over the top physical effect. My serum ferritin is 54 (12-230).

Even though going to the doctor I am told I am fine and don't need another thyroid test for a year.

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Dramlouie, Hi

When I read your post and got to the last sentence, it made me sigh as I doubt many doctors know how to treat patients who are hypothyroid and who tell their patients they are 'fine' even though they still have clinical symptoms.

I would just like to clarify, first, do you also take T3 (liothyronine) in addition to T4 (levothyroxine)?

No, I have never been tested and don't take it. I had a heart attack last year, cause unknown so I am very aware of anything to do with the heart. I have noticed that my eosinophil count is high at 1.1 (0.0-0.4) and read that it can be an allergy to Levothyroxine and is linked to adrenal insufficiency. My doctor said I was fine!!! According to our doctors we are living in a 'fine' world!

I also just don't have energy, just a stiff sort of feeling in the chest. When walking I have to start off slow then increase. By the end of the walk I have more energy. My heart has been checked, all ok.

When I was on levothyroxine I had never-ending palpitations and visits to the A&E and investigations. I was always given the all-clear. I wonder if the GP would give you some T3 (I found it calmed everything down and felt much better). This is a link as some doctors think T3 is dangerous or some such tales. But, after all, it is natural thyroid hormone (although synthetic) and might relieve your heavy chest.

I think I will change doctor practises tomorrow, fed up with being fobbed off as 'fine'. Supplements are costing me a fortune. Just haven't felt normal since starting it.

I forgot the link:

There are other topics on this page which might be helpful:

P.S. both links are now archived so some links within them may not work. Dr Lowe died a couple of years ago and he was an Adviser to Thyroiduk.

This is another link and I noticed the woman was also having flushes amongst other things.

Well, a big big change in how I feel, it is just so amazing, no more - recurring thoughts, breathlessness, stiff tight chest, aches, pains, palpitations, fluttering, sleepless nights, stiffness, low energy, anxiety. I feel like a completely different person now. All I have done is change Levothyroxine from 1 hour before breakfast, normally 7am to taking it at bedtime and drinking more water in the evening and during day. I have just had a brisk walk 2 miles and was just slightly breathing a bit more than sitting. I cannot believe it. I have also not taken all my vits and minerals or 3xNutri Thyroid, only taken 3000 vit D spray, CoQ10 and 1000mg omega 3 fish oils. I also took 100mg CoQ10 with the Levo last night as I heard it should be taken at night. I couldn't even walk up a slight incline on the start of the walk without my heart having palpitations or breathlessness. No more hot flushes, just feeling a bit warmer today, sitting here without cardigan on. I wonder if I had been overdoing the B vits as I was having high dose Vit B complex, 3x Nutri Thyroid and a general vit supplement. Plus 1000mg Vit B12 sublingual each day. Its very very interesting though. I also heard that T4 converts to T3 during the night, perhaps there is more there to be converted rather than being used up during the day prior to the night. Something so simple, I haven't felt this good since my heart attack after just starting Levothyroxine, I thought it was my heart and of course kept thinking something was wrong with it and having anxiety. I am soooo happy, hooray, I am free.................... now where is my bike, probably needs a good dusting by now!! xx :)

Don't go all out and rush about like mad as we want to do when feeling great. Let it settle but I am happy you are happy. It's a great feeling.

Many people feel better with an evening dose (you should do a new post to let others know of the benefit to you). I think it might be due to the fact (I am not medically qualified of course) that there is nothing to interfere throughout the night with your meds i.e. food etc. and you must be absorbing the hormones much better.

Great :)

Had a good day, in the mood after a few years of having clothes all over my bedroom, to actually clear out most of my clothes that are actually 3 sizes too big now. I can now wear my daughters clothes and she is 17! But I did overdo it a bit, had a bit of adrenaline floating around this evening. But you know what, it didn't bother me as I know its the hormone thing, a bit like morning sickness, you know what it is so you get on with it. I wonder if I am overdoing the B vits as well. Been looking into getting a vitamin and mineral test and a proper thyroid T3 etc which the doctor doesn't do. I think it will just fill in the holes. What would we do without this website, it has helped so many of us who would be ill for the rest of our lives. I have pointed so many of my friends here, all my age. I can't thank everyone enough.

Everyone makes contributions by what they found did/did not help them just as yours will too. It's being left on a limb when we don't get well on levo and the doctors treat remaining clinical symptoms as 'nothing to do with the thyroid gland' and be given anything but the hormones we need. :) pointed me onto the right road as well and I feel sorry for people who don't have internet access and have lifelong ill-health.

Thanks to Lyn Mynot and her small staff.

I think I overdid it yesterday clearing out stuff. Felt some adrenaline in the evening and then didn't sleep well. Feeling not so good today. Things are stressing me out easier today, even just talking about things I can feel it affecting me. So making sure I take all the supplements etc and eat well today and get to bed early. At least I know it is the thyroid and not the heart from the heart attack, that one thing makes me happy. Another friend has told me today that she is starting to put weight on, late fifties, and feeling more stressed out. We are not built to handle all this stress and pressure, and now we have more years to work till retirement, my friends who are now 58 are all saying they are feeling the strain of working, also looking after our elderly parents and expected to babysit the grandkids. Its all too much for us. I think that people don't realise until they start to have problems themselves. The Government put on all these rules etc without thinking that we can't continue working. Oh dear, off onto one of my rants again. Its about time there was a tv programme about Thyroid disease, people have no idea what they are letting themselves in for later on. I wonder how many obese people have thyroid issues. I was a size 20, I wasn't eating anything, the doctor kept telling me to lose weight instead of wondering why I was looking haggered, in bad health and gradually putting weight on. I am slinging my size 20 clothes today and into my size 14 clothes.

Before the blood tests were introduced along with levo in the '60's we were diagnosed by clinical symptoms alone and medicated immediately. Now, if you are lucky to be given a blood test (they don't know symptoms) your TSH isn't high enough or never tested till you are so very unwell. Doses of meds are usually too low so you continue with ill-health . Doctors are cruel if you've gained weight (clinical symptom) instead of recognising/diagnosing. It's good that you're so much better and great you're now size 14 again. :) :)

You don't read about thyroid or see a programme on the tv about it. I must have seen doctors 20 times or more with various symptoms, all my visits have been thyroid related, nothing else. It cost me my marriage, my sex life, I was just prescribed valium and anti-depressants, ibuprofen for the joint and aches, told I needed to eat less, told what do I expect at my age, and fobbed off and made to feel that I should expect it at my age and stop complaining. Dr P comes back from holiday on Monday so I will be booking an apointment.

Well, it didn't last. Back to hot flashes, really bad aches and pains in knees, legs, lower back, upper back, fingers are painful, palpitations, tinnitus, just tried to go for walk with my 91 year old Mum, she was faster and spriter than I was. I was so stiff, I had to sit down on the park bench. I have finally got a doctors appointment tomorrow morning, a miracle, booked it weeks ago, so will update then.

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