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Parathyroid Blood results - too low or normal. Can anyone interpret them please?

Hello everyone,

I have recently had my Parathyroid and calcium levels tested because of continued pins and needles on my tongue. Here are the results.

Intact PTH. 1.7. ( 1.6-6.9)

Corrected Calcium. 2.31. (2.10-2.55)

Calcium. 2.39. (2.10-2.55)

Vitamin B12. 440. (197-866)

As you can see I also had my B12 done as well because I know that can cause pins and needles on the tongue.

My PTH is consistently at the bottom of the range . Is this ok. My Calcium levels seem ok as do my Vitamin B12.

I hope someone has some knowledge of the parathyroids because these pins and needles are so annoying.

My endo thinks the results are fine.

Many thanks


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Your calcium and pth are fine. Pins and needles aren't a recognized symptom of parathyroid disease so probably no need to worry about that.


Agreed. Poss B12 x


Many thanks Merissa. I will try and up the B12 level and see if I get any relief.xx


Your pth seems a little low, your calcium seems to be in the range but low normal. In term of b12 this is to low. I hope somebody will agree with my interpretation. X


pth is low because it senses calcium is at a good level, pth only switches on and rises if calcium is also low unless you have pth disease then you would get high calcium and high pth ( this is what I have ), it works on a loop feedback system. Calcium shouldn't be top end of the range and never over.


Should have added that low calcium + low pth can indicate hypoparathyroid but your calcium is not low. So

normal cal + low pth is good,

low cal + low pth maybe not be good,

high cal + high pth defo not good.

Hope that makes sense.


Thank you so much hypohen, that makes perfect sense. Thank you for insight. That's really helpful. Xx


I cannot say about your other tests but the B12 is too low although in normal range. If you supplement with B12, make sure it is methylcobalamin and not cyanocobalam. We should aim to have it towards the upper end.


Thank you Shaws. I always thought that at was at quite a good level! Just saw the figure 440 and thought , well that looks quite good. Do you think that it might account for the pins and needles. They are constant?xx


Thanks Shaws. They are really interesting, especially where it states that B12 should ideally be above 500!!x


This website is dedicated to hypoparathyroidim and there is a helpline you can phone



Roslin in hypo pth the calcium and pth are low.


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